Merced County Jail

Merced County sits north of Fresno and Merced City is the main government center and location of the Merced County Jail. The facility, located at 700 W. 22nd Street, operates as the main city detention facility as well as the same for the entire county.

Those arrested and transported to detention in the area will be taken by the Merced Police Department for incarceration in the Merced County Jail. This process essentially transfers the authority of the prisoner to the Merced County Sheriffs Department. Once processed and incarcerated, an inmate or his family members can seek bail within an hour or two once approved by the court. The timing and speed of release usually depends on how fast the jail staff process the related case paperwork. However, no attempt at bail posting will be accepted or processed until the inmate is fully booked into the Jail Facility first. That timing depends on how overloaded the Sheriffs staff are with case intake. Those seeking bail for the first time can usually find a number of bail offices and services adjacent to the County Jail Facility.

Visiting the Merced County Jail

Seeing inmates being housed in the Merced County Jail requires appearing on the appropriate day. Visitors can see a specific inmate during the week and on the weekend day the first letter of his last name is up for processing. Visits are allowed to last for a total of thirty minutes.

To arrange a visit, a visitor will need to know the inmate’s full legal name, date of birth, and approximate date of arrest. Ideally, it also helps to know the inmate’s profile number or case number. The Jail operators can then identify the inmate and schedule the visit within the facility. The facility is located in downtown Merced, so it is easily accessible by car by traveling on highway 99 to the City of Merced. Alternatively, visitors can travel east or west to Merced by county highway 140.

Visitors should expect to be searched before being allowed to visit with an inmate. Ideally, a visitor should not be bringing any kind of bags or lots of materials as those will likely be confiscated and stored during the visit to reduce the potential for contraband transfer.

Merced County Jail Pickups

Waiting for an inmate’s release can be a tiring experience. While an inmate may be told of a pending release on a given day, the paperwork processing can take hours. Parties waiting to pick up a released person should plan to wait a while before the party is actually free to leave the facility. Even those parties that are declared free in a court hearing or dismissal have to return to the facility first for processing and picking up their property before being let go.

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