Napa Jail (Napa County Jail)

Going to jail is something everyone would like to avoid, but if you are arrested in Napa County, there is a 100 percent chance that you will go to Napa County Jail to be booked into the system and await your arraignment. The one arrested can receive their bond, and a bail bondsman can get them released. The bail bondsman supplies the jail system 10 percent of the total bond, which the inmate either pays in cash or with a lien on their house or land. A dependable bail bondsman will then be responsible for the arrestee to show at their second court appearance, typically 14 days after leaving jail.

The city of Napa was established in 1832 and has been growing steadily ever since, so the jail system has had to grow with it. Local, state, and federal prisons in California are overcrowded and have been for over a decade. Authorities have reported the number is continuing to rise, and the California Board of State and Community Corrections records that all jails statewide have reached or exceeded their capacity.

Napa Jail is one of only two in Napa County that is run by the California Corrections instead of the Sheriff’s Department. In 1975, the jail was given over to the Corrections Department to house inmates. The maximum capacity is 264 of both men and women, and there are seven sections: Temporary Holding, Observation cells, General Population, Work Furlough, Maximum Security Unit, Medical Unit, and Segregation, which are all run by civilians.

When an arrestee enters the system, they may easily be transferred through several units until they are bonded out or they have reached the correct area for them. The inmate population includes people with medical challenges, psychiatric problems, and those who have been involved in high publicity trials. Napa County Jail is equipped to handle these types of criminals.

The general population is available for visitation from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. If someone wants to deposit money in an inmate’s account, the inmate is able to spend up to $60 a week, and there are three ways to deposit funds.

1. Visit the kiosk on the west entrance of the jail 24/7.
2. Go online to
3. Call administration at 866-394-0490.

Bail Bondsman

The role of bail bondsman for those who are in Napa Jail is significant. No one wants to remain behind bars. They should be back at work and taking care of their own business until their court date. If the bail bondsman is the one who got them out of jail, then they will be responsible for the arrestee making it to his court date. If he/she doesn’t show up, then the responsibility falls on the defendant. When they don’t show up to court, a warrant is put out for their re-arrest, and the entire amount of their bond must be paid in full. This is a huge risk to take, and that is why the bondsman will take the risk of getting inmates out of jail.

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