Oakland City Main Jail

The Oakland City Main Jail is operated by the Alameda County Sheriffs in Oakland, California. Officially named the Glenn E. Dyer Detention Facility, the main Oakland County Jail facility is a full-operation detention facility that operates night and day. The address is located at 550 6th Street in downtown Oakland City.

The Facility covers a total space of 234,000 square feet with twenty stories in one building. The actual jail sections comprise of six floors with two levels of cells per floor as well as main hall or open central area. While double-bunking can provide space for 626 prisoners, the total inmate population allowable is 834. The average cell incorporates 80 square feet.

Additionally, the facility has an outdoor recreation zone on the 18th floor, making it practically impossible to escape by basic hand and foot. The holding tank of the jail handles 155 inmates at a given time while the women’s holding tank is designed for 50 people.

The facility manages initial charging of a suspect, arrangement of custody status, distribution of court dates and bail costs, and release dates for all inmates involved. This information is available to outside parties via an automated phone system that also operates on a 24-hour basis every day of the week. That said, callers need to have the specific inmate’s identification and file number or date of birth to be able to access the related inmate information.

The facility processes bail payment in the jail lobby around the clock, and inmates are processed in and released night and day as well. The facility management makes it a point to release inmates as quickly as is reasonably possible when notified of eligibility. That said, paperwork is involved with every release, which can cause the process to take hours for a given individual. This can cause parties waiting to pickup an individual to wait for extended periods of time until the inmate is actually freed. Even those inmates freed in a dismissed case in court still have to return to the facility for final processing and return of property before being let go.

General correspondence to the Oakland Jail and inmates inside can be addressed to:

Inmate or Person’s Name
The Glenn E. Dyer Detention Facility
550 6th Street,
Oakland, CA 94607

The mail will only be provided to the person who’s name is on the address label of the envelope. Mail is provided to inmates daily during business days. Weekends and holidays are exempted. Again, similar to obtaining inmate information by phone, incoming mail has to have the inmate’s full name as well as his personal file number or PFN. The mail also needs to clearly identify the party sending the correspondence on the outside of the package.

When sending deposits for an inmate’s use, the funds can be provided in-person or by mail. The funds must be provided either as a cash order or as cash currency. The deposit will then be transmitted to the inmate’s account in the facility records. Again, the inmate’s name and PFN must be provide for accurate processing of the deposit. Money orders need to be made out to the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office (ACSO) c/o Inmate’s Name and PFN.

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