Redwood City Jail

Also known as the Maguire Correctional Facility, the Redwood City Jail is located in San Mateo County, California and is where people who are arrested in Redwood City are taken and booked into the corrections system. The building was opened in 1994 and houses inmates on six of its five floors with the first floor being used for administration and intake, where approximately 18,000 individuals are taken in each year. Most of the residents at Maguire are awaiting the completion of trial or have already been sentenced and are awaiting transport to another facility.

Maguire Correctional Facility

MCF serves its community by providing medical, legal, nutritional, and spiritual support to its inmates in addition to offering support programs during and after incarceration to reduce recidivism. Upon intake, inmates are subjected to medical and mental review to determine their state of mind, physical condition, medical needs, and to minimize the threat of danger to themselves and others. Inmates are offered services such as drug and alcohol recovery meetings, religious services, dental care, an AIDS awareness program, parenting classes, and courses that allow residents of MCF to obtain a GED. The facility’s Education Office also links inmates with community organizations that can assist them once they are outside the facility.

Upon arrival, individuals who have been arrested are taken into the jail’s underground parking area, where correctional vehicles are received. The facility employs electronic doors and a video monitoring system to secure the arrival area. After exiting the correctional vehicle, arrestees are then taken into a pre-booking area, where they wait until their paperwork has been completed, and they then are taken into a special cell where they are searched. At this point, any weapons and contraband are confiscated before going to the booking area. In the booking area, the new inmates are entered into the computer system, their belongings are secured, and they are assigned an ID number and housing unit.

Inmates are housed in two-story housing pods, and they share their small cells with one other inmate. Cells are furnished with two bunk beds, a writing desk, a plastic chair, and a stainless steel toilet. Each pod is supervised by a deputy, who occupies a station in the center, and has 24 cells which surround a carpeted day room in the center. MCF also has a high-tech central control center that monitors the entire facility and controls its systems and doors. The facility also has a commercial-sized kitchen and laundry facility where certain inmates are allowed to work under staff supervision.

Plagued by the overcrowding that is not uncommon in other California correctional facilities, San Mateo County is expected to complete construction of a new facility in 2015 with the hope of easing the burden on the Maguire Correctional Facility. Despite its crowded conditions, MCF is still considered to be well-secured, and there have been no serious inmate or staff incidents reported.

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