Santa Cruz Jail

While at the Santa Cruz Jail, there are several rules and regulations that the inmates and visitors must follow. There are also rules that family members and friends who are sending items to inmates must follow so that the inmates can get the letters and packages that are sent. Attorneys have slightly different regulations due to needing to speak with inmates about trials. An attorney who visits an inmate is required to have a license to practice law in California and have a California bar card. Attorneys can speak with inmates at any time. When an inmate is taken into custody, the inmate will be allowed to contact a bail bondsman. If bail is made, then the inmate is released. However, there could be slight delays if there are activities that the inmates are partaking in such as meals or counts.

When a letter is mailed to an inmate, no postage is allowed on the envelope. All mail will be opened and looked at to see if there is any contraband. If there is anything subject in the envelope, it will not be delivered to the inmate. Pictures are allowed, but they must be smaller four inches by six inches or smaller. Inmates can receive cards, but they have to be one layer, and they cannot have a plastic coating. Books and magazines must be from the publisher or an Internet distributor. Inmates are not allowed to have hardback books of any kind. Some of the topics that are not allowed in magazines and books include murder, arson, violence, or anything that relates to race. Inmates are not allowed to send or receive mail from other institutions. The address on the front of the envelope must include the name of the inmate and the identification number and the address of the jail.

Santa Cruz Jail allows inmates to have money on their account in order to purchase hygiene items, snacks, and postage materials. There is a kiosk in the lobby that accepts cash and credit cards. Inmates can also receive money orders. When a money order is received, it is taken from the envelope and deposited into the account of the inmate. There is also a website where credit card deposits can be made. The only place where all property will be released to the inmate is at a State Prison.

Inmates can have visitors while incarcerated. A clearance form must be submitted with the information on each visitor. Someone on the jail staff will review the information and let the inmate know if the visitor is allowed. All visits are by appointment, and the visit must be approved prior to the day. Inmates must be in custody for 72 hours before anyone is allowed to visit. One visit per day is allowed up to two visits per week. Two adults and three children can be in attendance at each visit. There is a dress code, and proper identification for all visitors must be presented at the time of the visit.

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