Sonoma County Jail

When someone is arrested in Sonoma County, they will more than likely be taken to the Sonoma County Jail, which is under the direction of the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office, Detention Division. The Main Adult Detention Facility is located at 2777 Ventura Avenue in Santa Rosa, California, while the North County Detention Facility is located five miles north of Santa Rosa at 2254 Ordinance Road, adjacent to the Charles M. Schulz Airport.

Main Adult Detention Facility

The Main Adult Detention Facility for Sonoma County opened in 1991, and was known as a “new generation facility.” This designation came from the direct supervision of inmates rather than the linear design of earlier county jails. The facility was originally designed to hold 500 inmates but quickly reached capacity, requiring an expansion to open in 1997 for an additional 290 people. It is a medium/maximum security facility, and houses both pre-trial and sentenced individuals.

North County Detention Facility

Originally the site of the Santa Rosa Army Airfield during World War II, the North County Detention Facility began in 1967 when a parcel of the airfield became an honor farm for 35 minimum-security inmates. The facility offers an Agriculture Program coordinated through a program officer, and inmates are classified at booking to determine if they are eligible for the work crews. Inmates may not have any violent charges, history of escape, or disciplinary problems.

Intake Policies and Procedures

Once the arrested person arrives at Sonoma County Jail, they are taken to a waiting area until they are ready to be processed. During processing, they will be asked for information, such as name, address, birth date, contact person, as well as questions regarding medical and mental history. An inmate number is assigned, the person is fingerprinted, and mugshot photos were taken. All personal property is taken and stored until the arrested person is released. Phone calls to family, friends, or bail bondsmen are then permitted. If the charge is minor and the guards believe the arrested person may be released early, they will allow them to wear their own clothes, but often, the prisoner is required to change into a jail jumpsuit.

Posting Bail

If a loved one has been arrested and is in the Sonoma County Jail, it is possible that bail will be set for them, depending on the charges. If the amount of bail is high, or if it is an amount that cannot be paid, contacting a bail bondsman is the best way to arrange for bail. In Sonoma County, bail is predetermined by the California Bail Schedule, but a judge has the final say on the amount of bail.

Discharge Procedures

Once bail is paid, the person who was arrested is permitted to go home. It can take from 30 minutes to an entire day for paperwork to be processed. In addition, the type of bond can determine how long it takes for processing. For those that are released on their own recognizance, release occurs immediately after processing.

Anyone arrested in Sonoma County will more than likely be processed through the Sonoma County Jail system. If a loved one has been arrested and is in the Sonoma County jail, contact a bail bondsman to get the best advice on having them released.

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