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The Best and Worst Jails in California

Some California jails have terrible reputations for being dangerous places to spend any amount of time in, while others are considered to be somewhat safer. There are issues of jailhouse crime, riots, overcrowding, unsanitary conditions and other problems that directly affect prisoners.  Posting bail allows an individual to be spared the experience of jail while they are awaiting trial.

The Safest Jails California

There are some prisons in the United States that are actually known as “luxury prisons.” One California jail that falls into this category is the Los Angeles County Jail’s Special Needs Unit. One of the perks here is the presence of a pay phone on site. The California Men’s Colony in San Luis Obispo County is considered to be a “country club” prison due to its many educational, vocational and psychological counseling programs. Other prisons noted as being the safest CA jails include the California Rehabilitation Center in Riverside County.

The Most Overcrowded Jails in California

The overcrowding of California jails is a serious issue that is just beginning to be addressed. Some prisoners are released early to make more room, however this doesn’t mean that the conditions in California jails is getting better any time soon in terms of space. Calipatria State Prison in Imperial County is overcrowded, with two inmates living in bunk beds in what should be one-person cells. Overcrowding causes psychological stress, less work for prisoners to do, understaffed prison employees and gang violence. In 1997, one of the state’s worst inmate attacks on employees took place here. Chuckawalla Valley State Prison is severely overcrowded, seeing its inmate population more than double in recent years. Though the prison is equipped to hold just 1738 prisoners, it now holds 3,222 inmates.

The Worst Jails California

Some of the worst CA jails include the California State Prison in Corcoran where a history of officers shooting and killing inmates reached an all-time high in 1996, with 7 killed and 50 wounded. “Gladiator Days” were fought, pitting guards against inmates in staged fights that resulted in prisoners being abused. This is the prison where the infamous Charles Manson resides. Other prisons with a bad reputation include Folsom State Prison and San Quentin due to rioting, murders and escape attempts.

Highest CA Jail Crime Stats

When it comes to crime statistics in California prisons, Pelican Bay State Prison is riddled with violent gang crime. Inmates there include drug cartel leaders. Crime against other prisoners, staff and even prosecutors are rampant. San Quentin Prison is one of the most dangerous jails in which to live in the country. Those who can avoid going to prison there can hopefully obtain a bail bond to avoid serving any time before their trial. The insurance that a defendant will show up to trial and not see jail time yet is well worth the cost of a bail bonding agency. The CA jail crime stats for San Quentin are intimidating. It is California’s only death row prison for men. Folsom State Prison is also crime-ridden. It has a long history of gang violence that include rival gangs, staff members and guards.

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