Riverside jail system

The Riverside Jail System

Riverside County has one of the best jail systems in the country. The Riverside County Jail System is well run and has a safe set of facilities. There are five correctional or jail facilities in the county. All of them are managed by the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department. This makes it one of the largest jail operations throughout both the country and the state. Rules at these correctional facilities are strictly implemented in order to protect inmates, corrections staff, and visitors.

The Robert Presley Detention Center

Many people consider the Robert Presley Detention Center to be the main county jail facility. Formerly known as the Riverside County Jail, it was named after former Senator Robert B. Presley in 1989 after the completion of a modern jail facility across the street from the original site.

The original jail facility was constructed in 1933 as part of the old courthouse annex. In 1963, an addition was made to the jail facility that included a dispensary, dormitory-style housing units, a visiting area, segregation cells, and a business office. The detention center expanded the female section of the jail in 1979. The old jail facility was closed in 2011.

Southwest Detention Center

The Southwest Detention Center located in Murrieta is considered the Riverside County Jail outlet of the much larger Southwest Justice system. This county superior court and jail complex was established in recent years to accommodate the rapid population growth in Riverside County’s Southwestern area. Today, it is considered the best maximum-security lockup in the state of California. There is also a juvenile detention center that is located at this facility.

The Larry Smith Correctional Facility

The Larry Smith Correctional Facility was once referred to as Camp Snoopy. It is now one of the largest correctional facilities in the state. It holds offenders as they await their sentencing, trials, hearings, and arraignments. It is also home to a number of Corrections Division programs that include the Work Release Program, Supervised Electronic Confinement Program, and the Sheriff’s Inmate Education and Training Bureau. The facility is administered under the guidance of the Corrections Division Chief Deputy.

The Indio Jail

The Indio Jail is located in the City of Indio. This facility serves the entire Coachella Valley that has experienced rapid growth in the last two decades. It currently has 300 beds but will be expanded to 1600 beds in the near future. It currently houses low-risk female and male offenders because of overcrowding in detention facilities in the state of California.

The Blythe Jail

The Blythe Jail is the far Eastern and southern branch of the Riverside County Detention System. Established in 1964, it is still operational after over 40 years.

A Common Policy

Although these facilities have different rules and regulations, they share one very common policy. They allow bail to be posted 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In the downtown Riverside facility, many people describe this unique process as six in and out. This is because it takes six hours for an inmate to be booked and another six hours to get out after bail has been posted.

The process is very simple. people make a call to a bail bond agency. The agency will ask for information that includes the person’s complete name, where they were incarcerated, and their date of birth. This will help the company with the bail bond process.

They will then arrange the bail bonds by email, fax, or phone to get people out of jail. Individuals can also meet the bail bonds agents at the jailor at the office. Once the entire process is complete, the company posts the bond within an hour in order to obtain the fastest release possible. The acceptance of 24-hour bonds is what separates the Riverside Jail System from other jail systems throughout the state of California.

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