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Visalia JailOften referred to as the Visalia Jail, the main detention facility in Visalia is more officially known as the Tulare County Jail or the Bob Wiley Detention Facility and is located at 36712 Road 112 in Visalia, Calif. Adding to the confusion is the fact that Tulare County runs several incarceration programs, including a main jail, a men’s correctional facility and a farm-based program. If you have family members, friends or loved ones who may have been arrested and lodged in the Visalia Jail, or the Tulare County Jail, we can help sort through the legal confusion to answer your questions.

Where are they?
First among the challenges when someone is arrested is finding them, and handling this alone can be confusing and frustrating – especially to those not familiar with the system. In addition to the official county jail, many police departments have temporary lock-up facilities. Finding your loved one is the first step, and we have experts familiar with all jails in the area, and with policies and procedures; call us for help.

Why are they in jail?
Once your family member or loved one is located, the next thing you’ll need to know is why are they jailed, who arrested them, and what are the charges? You’ll also want to know if they are awaiting formal charges or if they’ve been arraigned in front of a judge, thus meaning they are officially charged with a crime. Again, we can help. We have expert knowledge in the inner workings of all Tulare County law enforcement departments, lockup facilities, jails and courts. We will find out where they are, what they are charged with, who arrested them and what the next step is in the criminal justice system – all of which are important facts you’ll need to support and assist them.

Can they bond out?
That’s your next question, and that’s our expertise. Once your friend or loved one is located, and the charges understood and explained, we can begin the process to get them out. After they are officially booked and charged, this can be a relatively quick process in most cases. Again, call us.

About the jail?
Most new inmates in the Tulare County Jail are arrested by either the Tulare County Sheriff’s Department or the Visalia Police Department, and both perform their own booking and charging procedures. Those arrested would be held just a short time in a police holding cell before being transferred to the county jail to await further court proceedings. There are other possible arresting agencies, including federal or state investigators, but most inmates at the Visalia City holding cells or the Tulare County Jail are arrested by city police or sheriff’s deputies. We are familiar with both of these facilities, the potential arresting agencies, and the policies and procedures of each. We can help you with visiting hours and policies, how to provide financial assistance to your loved one in jail, letter and communication policies and, of course, how to get them a bail bond.

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