Woodland Jail (Yolo County Jail)

No one likes to get that “one phone call” letting them know that their family member, friend, or other person of importance to them has been arrested. Even so, such a situation is one in which the more information one has available to them, the better. To that end, it’s important to be aware that if someone is arrested in Yolo County or its environs, there is a high probability you’ll find them in the Woodland / Yolo County Detention Center. Keep reading to learn more about the jail and its services, as well as a bit about the bail bonds process and related options.

Yolo County’s Detention Division – the umbrella agency responsible for the detention of area inmates – is quite large, being comprised of three separate bureaus. Both the division headquarters and the jail itself are modern and held to a strict standard of safety and high performance.


A day in court for the accused or an inmate is at the bedrock of American judicial practice. In Yolo County, the transport, in-court detention, and related functions are handled by officers of Woodland Detention Center’s Court Security Section. More specifically, inmates of Yolo County are transported to and from the courthouse by these officers via dedicated prison transport. Inmates will be held secure holding rooms at the courthouse’s own holding facilities during pre-trial and post-trial proceedings and related events in addition to those times in which they wait to return to the jail itself.

The Court Security Section itself is not only responsible for inmate supervision and transport, but for the safety and security of judges, relevant courthouse personnel, and the public at large. Not including inmates, these officers serve and protect more than a quarter million annual visitors and personnel.


The Records Section of the Yolo County Detention Center is located in Woodland, California. Its members are responsible for all record-keeping and communications for and between the Monroe Detention Center (this section services Yolo County through an off-site location), various internal departments (Coroner’s Office, various inmate-to-work programs, the Civil Property Division, and so forth), and of course the Monroe and Yolo County Detention Centers themselves. This is not a simple task, as one might imagine, so it is not uncommon for the members of this section to coordinate with agencies on a local, state, and national scale.

This section is also responsible for area VINE system requests and servicing. VINE is a no-fee California state program whereby victims may request real-time information on the status of relevant offenders. Information is available 24 / 7 (exclusive of holidays and such), and can be requested and obtained by phone or Internet.


The sheriffs in the Transportation Section are responsible for Yolo County’s inmate transport. Approximately fifty inmates per day are ferried from place to place by these officers in dedicated transports. Destinations include courthouses, various jails and holding facilities based upon jurisdictional or legal need, multiple inmate-to-work programs, and more.


If an inmate of the Yolo County Detention Center, Woodland jail, or related facility with whom you have a relationship is eligible for bail, we can help you negotiate the process of securing and posting a bond (a surety against an inmate’s non-attendance at trial and related events) and, if it is an option, an Own Recognizance or another form of pre-trial release. Got questions? We’ve got the answers! Just ask us, and we’ll be happy to assist you.


And there you have it – a brief biographical sketch of the Yolo County / Woodland Detention Facilities and their relevant divisions. We hope you found it helpful and informative, and we encourage you to seek help with any questions you may have.

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