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Crime Statistics for Hanford, California

As the county seat of Kings County, California, Hanford ranks as an important economic and cultural location of the San Joaquin Valley. Its 2014 population of 55,283, as estimated by the California Department of Finance, does occasionally fall victim to the trappings of crime, which includes arrests, bail bonds, sentencing, and imprisonment. The following information comes from NeighborhoodScout.

Violent Crime

Violent crimes, according to the FBI, are those offenses that “involve force or threat of force against a victim.” On an annual basis, Hanford shows 309 violent crime incidents out of a total of 2,020 criminal incidents. This equals an annual crime rate per 1,000 residents of 5.64 or a total crime rate of 36.87. Hanford has a crime index of 17, with 100 being the safest. This means it’s safer than only 17 percent of all the country’s cities.
California’s violent crime rate of 4.23 and the United State’s median violent crime rate of 3.9 is lower than for Hanford. The chances of becoming a violent crime victim are 1 in 177 for Hanford and just 1 in 236 for California. The number of crimes per square mile is 121 for Hanford, 92 for California, and 39.3 for the USA.
Numbers for types of violence break down as 2 for murder, 24 for rape, 59 for robbery, and 224 for assault. This is a rate per 1,000 of 0.04 for murder, 0.44 for rape, 1.08 for robbery, or 4.09 for assault. There’s no question that in terms of number, the USA leads Hanford in total violent crime acts. However, in the rate per thousand, only the murder rate of 0.05 is bigger for the country than for the city. Other USA rates are smaller such as 0.27 for rape, 1.13 for robbery, and 2.42 for assault.

Property Crime

The FBI classifies property crime as the “taking of money or property, but there is no force or threat of force against the victims.” Hanford suffers from 1,711 property crimes each year, which is equal to a rate per thousand of 31.23. In California, the property crime rate is lower at 27.59. The chances of becoming a property crime victim are 1 in 32 for Hanford and 1 in 36 for California.
Individual numbers run 337 for burglary, 1,176 for theft, and 198 for motor vehicle theft. This equals a rate per thousand of 6.15 for burglary, 21.46 for theft, or 3.61 for motor vehicle theft. Except for burglary, rates are lower in the USA. The rate per thousand for the country is 6.7 for burglary, 19.59 for theft, and 2.3 for motor vehicle theft.


The Hanford Police Department is “committed to providing proactive, professional and courteous law enforcement services” to the community. It achieves its goals not only through the efforts of professional officers but with the help of programs that involve the average citizen. One such program is the Citizens Police Academy. This enhances “police/community relations” by giving citizens a taste of actual police work. They learn such topics as undercover operations and criminal law. Graduates can then assist the police during parades, area checks, and parking citations.

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