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Crime Statistics In Riverside

Crime rates in Riverside, CA are slightly higher than for the rest of California, but the rates are still somewhat lower than for communities of this size across the United States. Crime statistics can be confusing, depending on what places a particular city is being compared to and which reports are being used for comparison.

It has been found that the majority of Riverside crimes are those against property and crimes like car theft. Rates of car theft in Riverside are some of the highest in the United States. Other crime rates that are happening in higher numbers include things like larceny, arson, burglary, and theft of property. Chances are estimated at being about one in 28 of a person being a victim of one of these types of crimes in Riverside, CA.

Safest and Most Dangerous Communities in Riverside

Some of the safest and most popular areas to live in near Riverside, CA include:

– Porphyry

– Highgrove

– Woodcrest

– Vista Drive/Alessandro Boulevard

– Crestmore/Loring Ranch Roads

– Wood Road/Van Buren Boulevard

Two of the biggest crime problems in these safer areas include property crimes and auto theft. According to the FBI and their crime data listing, Riverside is known for having a vehicle theft rate of about one out of every 210 cars. Those people who commit these crimes often look to bail bond companies and use the bail bond process to their advantage, so time served for crimes of this nature can be less than it might be in other areas.

The area on the east side of Riverside is often considered to be one of the most dangerous areas. Here, the population averages a lower level of education than in other parts of California, and there is also a higher percentage of youth gang members than in many other areas. The very high unemployment rate in the area also contributes to the higher crime statistics and dangers. There are community-based programs in place, however, to try to combat these negative statistics.

People Choose Safer Areas Near Riverside

Many people tend to choose the safer areas to live in when possible, even if there is a longer commute involved to get to one’s workplace. For many people, it is worth driving longer distances to and from work to live in a safer, more secure community. The same also holds true for Riverside and the surrounding areas.

People generally try to choose areas near Riverside that are better known for improved safety statistics and lower crime rates, like Arlington, Magnolia Avenue, Riverside Junction, Ennis, Highgrove, or Porphyry. It’s always smart to do research when you’re unfamiliar with an area to find out crime statistics before relocating there.

Nearby Communities Also Offer Improved Safety

Other communities near Riverside that have become popular residential areas include Loma Linda, Corona, Moreno Valley, Chino, Grand Terrace, Colton, and Mira Loma. These places have become popular with those who are looking for lower crime rates and good quality of life.

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