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Crime Statistics of Fairfield, CA

Residents of Fairfield may wonder about their chances of being the victim of a crime as they live, work and meander through the streets of their city. Based on official statistics, Fairfield is far from being what could be considered a genuinely safe city. However, the crime risk is still roughly on par with other areas in California.

Fairfield is considered to be on the large end of “medium-sized” cities. With a population of around 107,000, it is the 60th largest city in California. In terms of the crime risk, residents can identify with those living in many of other parts of the state. In fact, the statistical chance of being targeted by a criminal in Fairfield is exactly the same as the state average, or one in 236.
In 2012, the latest year for which information is available, about 3,800 crimes were reported in Fairfield. Approximately 10 percent of those offenses fell into the category of a violent crime, or those that involved a physical assault on someone. Measured per 1,000 residents, the general crime rate was 35.23 and the violent crime rate was 4.24. Eight murders were reported in the city during the year, representing a rate of 0.07. The respective number and rate of other violent crimes was 30 and 0.28 for rape, 139 and 1.30 for robbery and 277 and 2.59 for assault. In terms of property crimes alone, Fairfield in 2012 experienced 676 burglaries, 2,177 thefts and just under 500 incidents of vehicle theft, with the respective rates for these offenses being 6.31, 20.32 and 4.66.
The figures for both violent and property crimes in Fairfield are closely aligned with those found elsewhere in the U.S. The one exception to this was the vehicle theft rate, which was twice the U.S. average. Urban areas can be expected to have higher crime rates, which accounts for why the number of offenses per square mile in Fairfield was more than double the U.S. average.
Based on the crime index, which compares the rates of such violent offenses as homicide and armed robbery and such property offenses as larceny and motor vehicle theft, Fairfield was rated at 19. This means that 18 percent of the places in the country are less safe and 80 percent are safer. However, the residents of Fairfield should not view their city as lawless, at least compared with other cities in California. In 2012, nearby Oakland experienced a violent crime rate that was nearly five times higher than Fairfield and an overall rate that was nearly three times higher.
Those charged with a crime in Fairfield or anywhere else need to realize that under the principles of American law they are considered innocent until tried and, in most cases, can avoid incarceration until the case is resolved. It is the bail process that allows criminal defendants to remain free while awaiting trial. Those charged with crimes in Fairfield should consider seeking the services of a bail bond agent, who can help protect the rights to which every defendant is entitled.

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