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Located in Santa Clara County, Gilroy, California has a population approaching 50,000. according to the U.S. Census Bureau. The community has garnered a reputation for its garlic farms as well as for the annual Gilroy Garlic Festival. As is the case of all communities of its size, Gilroy does experience crime of different types throughout the course of any given year. Generally, the U.S. Department of Justice divides crime statistics into two general categories: property crimes and violent crime. Property Crimes in Gilroy During the most recent annual period, 1,788 property crimes were reported to law enforcement officials in Gilroy. Although not all property crimes are reported, this does provide an authoritative statistic on the property crime rate in the community. The rate of property crime in Gilroy equates to about 36 offenses of this nature for every 1,000 residents of the city. The rate is higher than what is experienced across California as a whole. The property crime rate in California is about 28 incidents for every 1,000 residents of the Golden State. A person arrested and charged with some sort of property crime in Gilroy is likely to face the need to post a bail bond in order to remain free pending a trial. An area bail bond company typically is called upon to provide at least part of the bond payment to garner a person’s release for a property crime pending the resolution of a case. Violent Crimes in Gilroy The number of violent crimes committed in Gilroy during the last annual reporting period clocked in at 159 incidents. As is the case with property crimes, violent crime information also tends to be at least slightly underreported. This particularly is the case with certain types of sex offenses and crimes of domestic violence. The number of violent crimes committed in Gilroy translates to approximately three incidents for every 1,000 residents of the city. This is lower than the California violent crime rate. The rate of violent crime in California is about four incidents for ever 1,000 residents of the state. Upon being charged with a violent crime, a person is faced with the prospect of posting a higher amount of a bail bond to gain release than is necessary in case involving a property crime. (Of course, there are instances when a significant property crime results in a very high bond because of the nature of the offense, the criminal history of the person charged or the actual residence of that person.) An individual charged with a violent crime in Gilroy who desires to win release during the criminal proceedings turns to a bail bond company for assistance. Depending on the amount of the bail bond needed to obtain a release, a person seeking release may need to obtain a co-signer for the bond and put up collateral as well (like the title to a residence). The ultimate purpose behind a bond is to ensure that a person charged with a crime appears at future court proceedings. The court considers an individuals connection to the community and prior criminal history (if any) when considering release pending adjudication of a case.

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