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Crime Statistics of Redwood City, CA

 Located in the suburbs between San Francisco and San Jose, California, Redwood City is a mid-sized coastal incorporation with a population around 78,000 making it the 101st largest community in the state. Given its location to Silicon Valley, Redwood City’s home prices are some of the most expensive in the United States. Surprisingly, the population consists of a mix of white and blue-collar workers. The majority of the population is young, education, single and advancing in their career. Redwood City is an attractive location to settle because it is an excellent community with many opportunities without the hustle and bustle of a major city.

87 percent of adults in Redwood City have a bachelor’s degree or higher making the population extremely well-educated when compared to the national average. In 2010, the per capita income was $39,737 which exceeds the California and United States’ average. This is equivalent to $158,948 for a family of four. However, the city contains wealthy citizens and those who are under the poverty line. The city is ethnically diverse with the greatest number of citizens being Caucasian followed by Asian. Around 39% of the population is of Hispanic or Latino origin with other ancestries including English, German, Irish and Italian. Foreign-born citizens make up 31% of the population with English being the primary language but Spanish and Chinese are common.

According to local statistics, Redwood City, California is ranked 32/100 (with 100 being the safest) on the Crime Index. This indicates that it is safer than 32% of cities in the United States. In 2013, there were 208 violent crimes and 1,800 property crimes for a total of 2,008 crimes or 25.59 annual crimes per 1,000 residents. Therefore, the chances of becoming a victim of a violent crime in Redwood City are 1 in 377. Although this may seem high, the chances of becoming a victim in the State of California are 1 in 236. With a population over 78,000, there were 0 murders, 13 rapes, 88 robberies and 107 assaults in the city in 2013.

From a property crime standpoint, the odds of becoming a victim in Redwood City are 1 in 44. When compared to California, the chances are 1 in 36. The total number of burglaries was 526, thefts were 1,121 and motor vehicle thefts were 153. Redwood City is above the national median for number of crimes per square mile with 57. The state average is 92 crimes per square mile. Due to the wealth that is inherent in Redwood City, there are a high number of property crimes. Those who are caught committing crimes in such a wealthy area will certainly need a bail bond to temporarily get them out of jail until the trial. Redwood City is an excellent location for raising a family with many opportunities for its residents. However, it does have a bit of a property crime issue that can be mitigated by locking car doors and installing home security systems.

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