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San Francisco is one of the world’s most desirable places to live. Yet it also has a darker side with a growing crime rate. Crime reached a five-year high last year, after having already climbed in 2012. The CompStat database, which was started in 2009, showed that this was the highest since the system was initiated.

Robberies, assaults and thefts jumped by 22 percent over the previous year. Out of that 55,000, about 40,000 were property crimes. That includes car break-ins or taking another person’s property by theft or force. Assault did not always figure in the illegal activity.

While cars and homes remain hot targets, the police see electronics as the new currency. People aren’t carrying cash nearly as often, but many have a smartphone, tablet or laptop. In fact, these types of crimes increase when a new smartphone or other device is introduced to great acclaim. Thieves just go on the look out for these devices because they are the hottest commodity commanding the highest return. Electronic devices are easy to steal and easy to sell, although many must be sold to buyers overseas.

BART gets some of the blame, according to the police. Some thieves visit San Francisco via BART specifically to steal. Statistics actually back up this theory. Of course, it is easy for thieves to find targets while riding BART. They can see who is looking at a phone, tablet or laptop. They can do surveillance on their victims and figure out to how steal the item. Often this is simple theft. Those who are accused of these crimes may need a bail bondsman just as much as someone accused of aggravated assault or murder.

Another reason for the increase in crime statistics may not be an actual increase in crime. It may simply be an increase in reporting crime. The San Francisco police have had success with a public safety campaign that encourage victims to speak out.

How does this compare with other California cities? Well, Los Angeles has seen a crime decrease of five percent. This makes San Francisco’s crime wave look particularly bad. Statisticians say, however, that San Francisco is part of a Bay area crime trend. Oakland and San Jose have seen a huge crime increase that is greater than the one affecting San Francisco. San Jose saw property crimes climb 33 percent. Oakland experienced even more. Property and violent crimes increases 23 percent while burglaries increased a whopping 43 percent.

On the bright side, the murder rate is flat. While numbers jumped in 2012, overall the homicide rate is the same or slightly less than it was five years ago. This means that while the population has increased, the murder rate has not.

While San Francisco struggles with the crime rate, those who are accused of crime will struggle in a busy, overwhelmed court system. These accused citizens will need a bail bondsman if they are to stay out of over-crowded jails.

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