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Back in 1968, singer Dionne Warwick asked if anyone knew the way to San Jose. Apparently lots of people did, because by 2014, the population of California’s third largest city has grown to more than one million. It is also the tenth largest community in the United States.


San Jose winds along the coastline about 45 miles south of San Francisco. Its diverse population lives in some of the most expensive real estate in California and in the country. The city has a good mixture of both white- and blue-collar jobs, mostly professionals, office and sales workers, and those who provide services. If someone works in San Jose, there is a good chance that he or she drives to work and probably alone. In fact, some 81% of the population is said to drive to work every day, and there are few and not widely used alternative forms of transportation. The people behind the wheels of those machines are mainly white and Asian, followed by a large Hispanic population. The city also boasts an educated population, with more than 20% of adults holding a four-year degree or higher.

For all its laurels, the city of San Jose, California, has some troubling aspects when it comes to crime rate statistics. According to the latest crime analysis, as reported in the San Jose Mercury News, San Jose, which was once called the safest big city in America, now has a higher crime rate than the country or California as a while. Ten years ago, the city’s crime rate was 10% below both the state and the country. However, by 2013, San Jose counted 3,278 major crimes per 100,000 residents. That is 3% above the state’s average, 1% above the U.S. average, and a higher rate than in both Los Angeles and San Diego.

With crime perhaps on the rise, in a suburban city such as San Jose, more people may find themselves on the wrong side of the law, justly or unjustly, and that may mean a jail sentence. Even an overnight stay behind bars can be a frightening experience, made even more so if the accused is innocent and does not have the resources at hand to get out of jail – and do it now!

That is when a bail bondsman is the person to call. A bail bondsman’s job is to get the accused out of jail – now. The bail bond given to the court is the guarantee that the accused will return to court for the court-ordered date. To insure that the accused will indeed return to court when ordered, the bondsman (or woman) charges a percentage, usually 10%, of the cash amount of the bond. If the accused, in fact, does not return as ordered, the bondsman is usually allowed to track down the person and bring him or her to court.

If you have been accused of a crime, contact a bail bondsman, whatever the day or time. We can show you the way out of jail in San Jose.

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