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Crime Statistics of Santa Cruz, CA

Santa Cruz has one of the highest crime rates in California. Unfortunately, not every person who is arrested has actually committed a crime. Individuals may be arrested due to discrimination or by simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Crime Rate Statistics in Santa Cruz

From 2009 to 2010, Santa Cruz had one of the state’s highest rates in regards to assault crimes. For that time frame, about 322 assault crimes occurred in Santa Cruz. The city has a population of about 56,000 people. In cities with similar population sizes, such as San Luis Obispo, the assault crime rate was not nearly as high. In that city, a total of 71 assault crimes occurred. Santa Cruz clearly has issues in regards to violence that must be resolved.

Other Common Crimes in Santa Cruz

Burglary is also a common crime in Santa Cruz. About 450 burglary crimes occurred from 2009 to 2010. One of the major reasons burglary is a significant problem in Santa Cruz is due to the poverty levels in the city. Burglary tends to be an issue in impoverished communities. Santa Cruz faces a serious poverty issue, and burglary is one of the ways in which individuals deal with it. Theft is also a common crime in Santa Cruz. About 2,500 theft crimes occurred in Santa Cruz from 2009 to 2010.

Dealing with an Arrest

No matter what the reason may be that a person has been arrested, it is important that he or she is ready to proceed to trial. Those who have been arrested in Santa Cruz may want to consider using a bail bond in order to avoid extensive time in jail. The justice system can be clogged with cases, and it is important that one avoid extra jail time at all costs. In Santa Cruz, the experience of being in a holding cell can be brutal. One’s life may be at risk if he or she has to spend time in a holding cell with other violent inmates.

The Advantages of Bail Bonds

Bail bonds can help buy extra time for an individual who has been arrested for a crime in Santa Cruz. Those who have been arrested for a crime may be unable to afford to miss a day of work or an important meeting. A bail bond can ensure that a person is able to return to work until his or her first court date for trial. The bail bond allows a person to be released from a holding cell based on the notion that he or she will appear for every required court date. If the individual does not appear for his or her court date, then the court may keep the bail bond. It is vital that one attends his or her assigned court date to avoid payment of the bail bond into the court system. In addition, one’s co-signers may be liable for payment of a bail bond if one is unable to show up at a court appearance.

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