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Crime Statistics of Stockton, CA

Stockton has a higher crime rate than most of California. The murder rate is higher than the national average. Statistics show the Stockton rate at .24 per 1,000 while the U.S. rate is .05 per 1,000.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation placed Stockton at number two for murder in 2012. Oakland is number one. Stockton earned its reputation because there was a record high of 71 homicides. In 2013, there was a 55 percent drop with 32 murders were recorded. Still, Forbes placed Stockton in its top ten for crime list. Yahoo placed it at number 10 out of the top 25.

For this city of about 300,000 people, crime figures paint a sad picture. While the victim rate is 1 in 236 statewide, Stockton residents experience a 1 in 64 chance of becoming a victim of crime. The property crime rate is 1 in 19 per resident in Stockton. It is 1 in 36 in California. The national rate is 1 in 29.

Burglaries in Stockton topped 4500 last year. With over 8,500 reported, thefts were even more prevalent. Car theft was particularly high with over 2,500 reported. Crime per square mile was higher than average as well. There were an average of 310 crimes per square mile in Stockton. The California figure is 92 per square mile.

Still, the Stockton Police Chief was able to report that robberies, aggravated assault and car thefts are down compared to the highs of 2012. Robberies dropped by about one-third. Aggravated assault dropped by 17 percent. Vehicle theft reduced by 15 percent. Eric Jones, the Stockton chief, cited the police’s work on illegal guns and gangs as its primary focus.

The increase in crime has naturally led to a heavier case load for the courts. Defendants for nonviolent and violent crimes may find themselves mired in red tape. Bail bondsmen are often needed because they relieve the overcrowded jails. This is critical to a society that believes that a person is innocent until proven guilty. With the help of a bail bondsman, individuals can escape from the crowded system until their trial.

The crime epidemic can be traced back to the economic woes of the 2000s. Adding to the natural increase in crime due to more poverty, there was a decrease in the police force. The problems started with the 2008 housing crisis during which the city was forced to cut the police force by 20 percent. Stockton itself had to file for bankruptcy. At the time, it was the largest city ever to do so. Other factors that have contributed to crime may be its location. Stockton is a major stop along the north-south corridors.

Recently, efforts have been made to increase the number of police officers. There may soon be as many 120 new police personnel to help stem the tide of crime.

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