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What are the chances that you will be called in the middle of the night because someone you know was arrested for a violent crime? Well, in Vista California the chances are less than 1%. In other words, per 1,000 residents of Vista, there are only 4.84 annual violent crimes in the area.

But crime isn’t completely nonexistent. People are still assaulted and cars are still burglarized. So, the question is before you decide to move to this California town of just under 100,000 people, at what rate do these crimes occur?

How does Vista stack up when it comes to violent crimes? Most recent data indicates that murder is highly uncommon in the area, along with rape and robbery. However, there is a greater chance of being a victim of assault in this town once named a fabulous place to raise a family.

Compared to violent crimes, property crimes are much more common in Vista. These types of incidents can include home burglary, theft, and arson.

When it comes to property crime, your chances of falling victim are much higher. Data shows that in 2012, there were 1,118 cases of theft reported. This, compared to the 1 case of murder reported, points to the commonality of property crime over violent crime.

Now that you know how Vista measures up when it comes to likelihood of falling victim to violent or property crimes – and we can all agree the likelihood is particularly low – how does Vista compare nationally?

According to Neighborhood Scout, Vista is 34% safer than most cities in the US. Citizens of Vista have a 1 in 207 change of becoming a victim (or a 4.84% chance). The national average is a 3.9% chance.

Why are these statistics seemingly more alarming – and higher – than the specific crime stats? Vista is a town of 18.68 square miles with a crime rate of 124 crimes per square mile. The national average is 39.3 crimes per square mile. The already small area of Vista allows for a greater crime rate per square mile, although total crimes are much less common in Vista compared to nationally.

Although the town boasts higher crimes per square mile, Vista continues to carry lower crime statistics in both violent and property crimes compared to national averages.

Getting called in the middle of the night to pick up your neighbor for either of these crimes could vary greatly for your wallet. Posting bail for someone arrested on assault and battery charges would weigh in at a much higher cost than posting bail for someone caught vandalizing property.

Additionally, the consequences faced by perpetrators of these crimes vary greatly. How much your bail is set at, how much time you are sentenced if indicted, and what penalties are faced in the outside world are dependent upon prior criminal history and the nature of the crime.

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