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Crime Stats of Lodi, CA

“Livable, lovable Lodi,” is the motto of this city in San Joaquin County in California. According to the 2010 census and population estimates by the California Department of Finance, Lodi has a population of between 62,000 and 62,500. Immortalized in the 1969 Creedence Clearwater Revival track, Lodi is also known for producing high-quality wines, particularly of the Zinfandel variety.

Types of crime statistics

Crime statistics are collated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and published in regular Uniform Crime Reports. The FBI tracks Part 1 crimes, which are subdivided into crimes of violence (robbery, murder, forcible rape and robbery) and property crimes(burglary, arson, motor vehicle theft and larceny-theft). These are also known collectively as index crimes because they are considered to be very serious and because they tend to be reported more consistently than other crimes.

Part 1 crimes in Lodi

According to the local police department, Lodi is divided into three patrol districts: Sunset (west), Central and Heritage (East). Detailed information for each of these districts may be found by clicking the map on the Lodi Police Department website. In 2013, there were 2,603 Part 1 crimes reported by the LPD. Of these, 305 were violent crimes and 2,298 were crimes against property.

Other crime in Lodi

Part II crimes are also collated by the FBI. These include offenses against the family, liquor offenses, sex crimes, driving under the influence, drug crimes, fraud, gambling, liquor offenses, vagrancy, vandalism, prostitution, public drunkenness, runaways, disorderly conduct and weapons offenses. Neighborhood Scout is a website that allows the visitor to drill down to enterprise-grade crime data down to the neighborhood level.

Another useful resource for detailed information about Lodi crime statistics is the Lodi-News Sentinel. Here, individual crime information, right down to the street block level, from the LPD appears on an interactive crime map.

Qualitative analysis of Lodi crime statistics

Although Lodi rates highly in terms of being a desirable place to live, safety from crime is not one of its main attractions. It has been rated safer than 18.7 percent of cities in the nation, which really means it ranks in the bottom one-fifth. While the crime rate is apparently lower than 31 percent of California cities, this places it in the highest two-thirds.

The rate of violent crime in Lodi is higher than that of the state of California by three percent, which is nine percent higher than the nation as a whole. A similar trend is noted for property crime, although at a much higher percentage; the property crime rate for Lodi is 47 percent higher than the state as a whole.

Bail bonds process

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