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How much crime is in Napa, California?

When Napa, California, is mentioned, the images that come to mind are acres of fruitful vineyards, charming wineries, and a town center composed of historic brick buildings. Arrests, bail bonds, jail, and sentencing seem far removed from such a quiet and peaceful location. Yet, just as it does anywhere else in the country, crime exists in this city as proven by these statistics.

Despite Napa’s tranquil appearance, Neighborhood Scout gives the city a crime index of 36, which means it’s safer than only 36 percent of the cities in the U.S. Yet, it is comparatively safer than the larger cities of San Francisco, which has an index of 6, and Los Angeles, which has an index of 28.
Napa suffers 1,859 crimes annually, with 216 violent crimes and 1,643 property crimes.
•  This equals an annual crime rate per thousand residents of 23.65 total, which breaks down to 2.75 for violent crime and 20.91 for property crimes.
•  In comparison, the national median rate per thousand for violent crime is 3.9 and for California, it’s 4.23. The chances of becoming a victim are 1 in 364 for Napa and 1 in 236 for California.
•  Napa had 2 murders, 17 rapes, 39 robberies, and 158 assaults of the year, which is equal to a rate per thousand of 0.03 for murder, 0.22 for rape, 0.50 for robbery, and 2.01 for assault. In comparison, the US had 14,827 murders, 84,376 rapes, 354,522 robberies, and 760,739 assaults. This equals a rate per thousand of 0.05 for murder, 0.27 for rape, 1.13 for robbery, and 2.42 for assault.
•  For property crimes, the national median is 28.6 and for California, it’s 27.59. The chances of becoming a victim of property crime is 1 in 48 for Napa and 1 in 36 for California.
•  Napa had 349 burglaries, 1,073 thefts, and 221 motor vehicle thefts for a rate per thousand of 4.44 for burglary, 13.65 for theft and 2.81 for motor vehicle theft. The US had 2,103,787 burglaries, 6,150,598 thefts, and 721,053 motor vehicle thefts. This equals a rate of 6.7 for burglary, 19.59 for theft, and 2.3 for motor vehicle theft.

In terms of number of crimes per square mile, the national median is 39.3. In California, the rate is 92 and in Napa, it’s 101.
The safest neighborhoods in the city tend to be sparsely populated and include Knoxville / Spanish Flat and Atlas, both in the northern part. The most crime-prone areas have the most population, such as the area around Soscol Avenue / 1st Street and Jefferson Street / First Street.
The City of Napa Police Department is charged “in partnership with the community… to promote and maintain a peaceful, safe and secure environment.” To carry out its mission, the department uses two types of officers. Police officers are empowered to investigate crimes, make independent decisions, and make arrests. Community service officers, who work under immediate supervision, enforces motor vehicle regulations, issue parking citations, collect evidence, and control both traffic and crowds.

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