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Typical Summer Crimes

It’s common knowledge among law enforcement that the crime rates increase in the summer.

There are more arrests and an increased need for bail bonds. Not every crime sees an increase but there are quite a few crimes that do increase in summer time. This summer increase keeps bail bondsmen busy with work while others are vacationing.

Bail bondsmen are always there to help people get out of jail if they have been busted for any of the typical summertime crimes. When someone contacts them, they spring into action providing the bond needed to get the person or their loved one out of jail quickly. Here are some typical summer crimes that keep bail bondsmen busy.

The 7 Major Crimes

Law enforcement pays particular attention to 7 different major crimes when looking at crime rates. These 7 major crimes are murder, manslaughter, rape, assault with intent to kill, arson, burglary, and larceny. FBI statistics show that these crimes increase by about 10% during the summer months over the rest of the year. Crime rate increases are not even among different cities. Northern cities like New York and Minneapolis see crime increases of more than 20% in the summer months. Erie, Pennsylvania sees a whopping 35% increase in crimes during the summer months. Interestingly, prior to the 1950’s, property crime rates were actually higher in the winter.

There are several reasons why these 7 major crimes see an increase during the summer months. The warmer weather means that it’s easier to get out and about. The days are long and there is always something to do. For this reason, more people are out, homes are less protected, and people have their guard down. The weather can get quite hot and heat builds up stress in relationships. People are more prone to anger and are more willing to take action. With teenagers out of school and nothing to do, they may engage in petty crime. The list of reasons runs very long as there isn’t a single reason why the crime rate spikes in the summer.

Impaired Driving

Impaired driving spikes in the summer time. The endless weekends out at BBQs, beaches, and the lakes means more alcohol drinking. Sales of beer and spirits increase in the summer months for good reason. People want to enjoy the summer and having a drink with friends on a summer afternoon is a popular way to spend it. The hot weather means that people drink more cold refreshments. They may not know how much they have actually drunk. When it’s time to go home, they get in their car and there is a police officer nearby to make sure that the drunk driver doesn’t get home without posting bail.

Law enforcement officers know that summer is a high season for impaired driving and they set up operations to catch drivers under the influence throughout the summer. They will often run saturation patrols to ensure that impaired drivers are kept off the highway. They end up snagging those who have drunk a lot and even those who have drunk fairly lightly and normally wouldn’t be stopped.

Impaired Boating
Impaired boating is primarily just a summertime crime in northern areas. States have made it a crime to be over the legal limit while boating. Police officers and rangers will actually go boat to boat checking to see if anyone operating the boat has been drinking. They take the crime very seriously and those caught will accompany the officer to the station for booking.

Domestic Violence
Unfortunately, domestic violence is another crime that sees a spike during the summer time. Maybe it’s because the kids are at home all day and the family is dealing with extra financial stress. Alcohol and drug usage increases during the summer and maybe this plays a role in the increased rates of domestic violence. Maybe its increase is for the same nebulous reason that major crimes also increase during the summer. The reasons aren’t as important as the fact that parents, children, siblings, wives, and husbands are all hurt because of domestic violence.

As crime rates increase during the summer time, bail bondsmen find themselves busy helping people properly deal with their problems. They spend their summer ensuring that people enjoy their summer instead of spending it behind bars.

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