Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking – A Criminal Defense Perspective

Certain legal issues are relatively simple and can often resolve quickly, however, others may require a great deal of time. Human Trafficking is a case where it may be necessary to understand highly specific legal materials such as the process of bail and how it can impact a person’s life. Trafficking laws are complicated and may vary depending on a person’s age and background. If charged with trafficking an adult or child, the consequences can be detrimental.

What is Human Trafficking?

Human trafficking is defined as the action or practice of illegal transportation of people from one country or area to another, typically for the purposes of forced labour or commercial sex exploitation. Trafficking crimes tend to have many elements which include transferring and/or harbouring via the use of threats. In general, a trafficker has engaged in forcing someone to go somewhere and do something against their will.

An Understanding of the Law

Defendants facing trafficking charges should understand the details of their case and the likely outcomes. Legal support for human trafficking crimes is available; a criminal defense lawyer specializing in human trafficking crimes can assist with defense and provide support to those who may have been coerced by an outside force. For example, if you were forced into violating Man trafficking as a result of being threatened by another person engaged in such behaviour – It’s illegal to force someone to engage in committing a crime and to violate laws.

Additional Charges

In addition to charges of human trafficking, defendants may face other charges depending on whether other crimes are committed. If a person is injured during trafficking; drugs or prostitution occurs – all potential charges that add up and lead to serious jail and/or prison sentencing. It’s important to have legal counsel that understands the complicated laws that apply.

A Conviction

A conviction for human trafficking may be as simple as a few weeks of community service or an extended stay in federal jail. Sentencing for trafficking depends on many factors such as whether additional criminal actions occurred and the severity of the charges.

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