New California DUI Checkpoint Procedure as of 2012

Currently, California law states that unlicensed drivers caught at DUI checkpoints without proper documentation will be issued a fine and have their cars impounded for at least 30 days. As of January 1, 2012 however, Assembly Bill 353 states that California police will no longer have this authority. Unlicensed drivers will still be forced to pay a fee of at least $100 dollars but they will forego the average $1,500 dollar cost generated at the impound lot. Supporters of the law argued that impounding an unlicensed drivers’ vehicle discriminated against peaceful immigrants unable to obtain proper documentation. Many law enforcement officials dispute the new law, stating that the bill encourages unlicensed drivers to jump back on the road once out of the officer’s sight. This will also cause a major decrease in revenue for California police agencies. Here at All-Pro we understand the importance of knowing your rights. Drive safe and if you ever find yourself in an undesirable situation know that there is always an All-Pro agent ready to help!


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