California DUI Arrests

Generally, California DUI arrests are released once determined sober; however, arrests can sometimes result in the accused remaining in custody until bail is posted. Drivers who are arrested for driving under the influence are either cited and released on their own recognizance (OR), or held until bail is posted. Arrests for a DUI in the state of California typically result in an OR and do not have to post bail. Suspects are usually held for a number of hours and then released once the arresting agency is confident that the arrestee is sober and not in a state of causing harm.

However, California arrestees are sometimes required to post bail, even when the offense is a misdemeanor DUI arrest. This situation typically takes place when the arrestee refuses to submit to chemical testing; where there is a blood or breath alcohol level (BAC) that is .15 percent or higher; or when there is an accident or injury involved. Felony DUI cases will definitely result in the requirement of posting bail. Each county has its own bail schedule, which sets bail for each criminal charge, type of crime, or arrest. A felony CA DUI arrest will require bail of approximately $100,000. To determine the exact cost of bail for you, or your loved one, contact your local All-Pro Bail Bonds office.

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