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DUI with Injury

DUI Injury SceneBeing accused of a DUI can be scary, but especially a DUI with injury. Any injury in a DUI can potentially increase both your defense costs, your DUI bail, and your punishment if convicted. This is especially true if there is a DUI fatality. However, there is hope. You can fight these charges. The first step to building your case is to get out of jail quickly so you can build your defense.

Misdemeanor or Felony

Many people assume that a DUI involving an injury is an automatic felony charge. However, this is not the case. Most states also have a misdemeanor DUI with injury charges. Unfortunately for people charged with this crime, the felony charge is almost always the one that police and district attorneys choose to pursue. However, you may be charged with the misdemeanor if there are only mild and superficial injuries involved and this is your first DUI.

DUI Bail

Getting out of jail can be a huge challenge for people charged with DUIs involving another person’s injury, especially if there is a DUI fatality. The bail for these offenses is often twice as much–or more!–than other types of DUI bail. In addition, a DUI involving personal injury often is charged along with other charges even though there was only a single accident. This can result in a very high total DUI bail cost.

However, there is hope for people accused of DUI even if someone else was injured. An experienced bail bondsman often can work with you to help you get out of jail until your trial, even if your DUI bail cost is unreasonably high. Bail bondsmen know that you need to be able to work, support your family, and build your defense against these very serious charges. Any kind of felony DUI can be very destructive to your career and interfere with any activity that requires a criminal background check. Thus, it is important to fight this charge with everything you have.

Because DUIs that caused an injury are generally charged as a felony, the potential jail sentences are much higher than those for more minor DUI charges. A first time DUI with no injury will usually be charged as a misdemeanor. While it can carry a sentence of up to six months in jail, most people are given less severe consequences instead of incarceration. In contrast, people who are charged with a DUI that caused injury may be facing a prison sentence of several years.

While all states are tough on people accused of a DUI that caused injury, there are a few states that stricter. Arizona requires ignition breathalyzer locks in vehicles and even mandatory jail sentences for most cases. California is also tough on people accused of a DUI, automatically suspending their drivers’ licenses for months at a time even for misdemeanor charges. Regardless of the state where you have been accused, it is crucial to get out of jail as quickly as possibly so you can fight the charges against you.

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