san diego dui arrest spikes

San Diego DUI Arrest Spike

DUI Bail Bonds San DiegoThe California Highway Patrol reported another DUI arrest spike as the New Year rolled in. No fewer than 86 arrests were made from early evening on Friday to midnight, January 1. All drivers tested positive for excessive alcohol consumption.

California DUI Fatalities

In spite of the arrest roster, only one DUI fatality was reported by the CHP. This was four fewer than the five DUI-related deaths reported county-wide on New Year’s weekend 2011. The change does not

It was a different story up and down the state of California. Data provided by the CHP reported to 1,273 total DUI-related arrests, consistent with the 1,270 reported in 2011. The total number of deaths over the 2014 weekend changeover was 19, which was significantly lower than 2011’s 25 DUI deaths.

DUI Fatalities in Santee, CA

Jayme Midland, 25, of the San Diego County of Santee, was killed in a head-on collision in the dark hours of Saturday morning. April Thompson, 23, of National City, was suspected to be drunk and was driving in the wrong direction on the SR-52 highway, an eastbound transit. The collision occurred close to the Mast Boulevard exit. Thompson was driving a large Chevrolet 2500 pick-up truck. She struck Midland’s small ’72 Volkswagen Beetle, killing him. The impact was so fierce, the small car folded accordion-style and was virtually unrecognizable from a frontal perspective.

Thompson received treatment for her own injuries and was promptly arrested and booked for DUI and other charges. Thompson is being held at the Las Colinas Detention Facility. She was scheduled to appear on Thursday, January 2 in a San Diego court and will likely a vehicular manslaughter charge in addition to DUI.

The following morning, SDPD patrolman Travis Betley, 24, was injured by a drunk driver who T-boned his service vehicle. The driver, suspected of being drunk, was driving westbound on Mission Gorge Road in Santee. The accident occurred near the State Route 125 intersection. SDPD Assistant Chief Boyd Long told reported Betley was seriously injured, with more than one broken leg bone and internal injuries, as well. Betley called attention to the scene by laying on his car horn. Witnesses noticed and summoned the authorities.

The driver who struck Betley is 21-year-old Samuel Sullivan of Orange County. Sullivan was already driving above the legal posted speed limit and sped through a red light. When Sullivan hit Betley’s police car, the impact took both vehicles off the asphalt and beyond the shoulder. Sullivan admitted he had been drinking and was arrested and promptly booked.

The impact was so severe that it took the Jaws of Life 45 minutes to extract the officer from his vehicle, according to another SDPD officer, Lt. Jim Walker. Unfortunately, Betley has a long recovery road ahead of him. An entire year may pass before he is able to resume his duty as an SDPD officer or serve the department in another capacity.

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