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Tips for a Safe New Year’s Celebration

New Year’s is a time for celebrating with friends and family. The calendar year is over, old worries are forgotten, and people have the opportunity to start fresh. While drinking and carrying on at a New Year’s party is a great way to let off steam, it’s important not to let things get out of control.


In certain circles, New Year’s has come to be known as amateur hour, thanks to all the inexperienced drinkers getting intoxicated at parties and bars. In preparation for this, bail bonds companies offer DUI bail bonds for the many emergencies that arise around this time of year.

The main problem is that New Year’s seems to encourage nondrinkers or light drinkers to get absolutely loaded, and these folks have no prior experience on how to behave in this circumstance. Too often they think nothing of getting behind the wheel of a car, not understanding that they can seriously injure themselves and others. Even if they harm no one, they can still be pulled over by a police officer and taken to jail for driving while intoxicated.

Besides DUIs, excessive partying can lead to other unlawful actions, like fighting and general rowdiness. While bail bonds companies will certainly accept an imprisoned celebrant’s business on New Year’s, they would prefer it if inebriated individuals simply stayed safe and obeyed the law. Here are some tips for a safe New Year’s celebration.

1. Party At Home

The first thing to do is consider celebrating at home. When a person hosts an intimate gathering of loved ones (or even casual acquaintances) in the privacy and comfort of their own domicile, they will ensure that they’re not out on the town getting in trouble. The host can also keep tabs on their guests, making sure they leave in taxies and stay out of trouble. To cut down on costs, it might be a good idea to tell guests to bring their own booze.

2. Pacing

If a person is trying to maintain their composure on New Year’s, a good rule is to drink only one alcoholic beverage per hour. Sticking to this goal is the best way to maintain a pleasant buzz without getting wasted. The reason for this is because the liver takes one hour to metabolize an alcoholic drink. Adding ice cubes, tonic water or club soda to the drink will help to dilute it, while sipping slowly and engaging in conversations will help it last longer.

3. Eat Before Drinking

Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach is a bad idea for inexperienced partiers. An empty stomach means the booze will be quickly absorbed by the digestive tract, giving it less time to be metabolized. People should eat a regular meal before pouring that first glass of alcohol, and it helps if the meal is high in protein, fat and carbohydrates. It’s also a good idea to snack while drinking, which should be easy since most New Year’s celebrations offer food.

4. Don’t Depend On Coffee

One of the most popular myths about alcohol, and the one most believed by inexperienced partiers, is that drinking coffee is a surefire way to achieve sobriety. This myth likely originates from the fact that caffeine can liven up a drunken person and make them more aware of their surroundings. It’s dangerous to confuse this temporary alertness with sobriety. The only thing that can sober up a drunk person is time. The body needs time to metabolize the alcohol, and no amount of coffee in the world can change that.

5. Designate A Sober Driver

Hitting the town with a large group of friends will be way less stressful and dangerous if one member of the group is the designated driver. That means this person stays sober the whole time, and drives everyone where they need to go. The best way to do this is to party with a nondrinker, someone who, for whatever reason, doesn’t drink alcohol. A sober friend or family member might like a night out on the town as well, and their status as designated driver will give them a feeling of usefulness and a sense of purpose, making it easier to be surrounded by a bunch of drunk people. If a partier can’t find anyone who wants to be a sober driver, they’ll need to pay for one in the form of a taxi.

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