Stockton Jail Overcrowding

Stockton JailIncarcerated individuals in the County Jail in Stockton currently experience incredible overcrowding. Some believe that the increase of police presence on the streets may lead to an increase of incarcerated individuals in a jail system that may not be able to handle it. Some offenders for minor offenses, such as misdemeanors, are already released because there is no room to hold the accused.

Preventing Crime has Become Important

There has been some effort in the county to reduce crime in the area through means that don’t include arrest and incarceration, but these methods to stop crime before it happens don’t help people who have already been inducted into the system and are suffering from a revolving door of arrests, incarceration, and release that never seems to end.

Expansion of Officers on the Streets

The Stockton Police Department has been the largest supplier of residents to the county jail and with 120 new officers soon to be patrolling the streets, many wonder about the impact on the jail and on the community. Unfortunately, the county jail has remained over-capacity for several years, and this problem has only gotten worse with laws passed that sent many incarcerated individuals to county jails as a way to alleviate crowding at the state level.

In addition, the police plan for expansion also calls for the reintroduction of the narcotics unit, which could dramatically increase the number of arrests seen across the county. Because the county expects to place a larger percentage of money fighting low-level offenses, the number of bookings could increase noticeably.

More Arrests Likely

The number of individuals accused of misdemeanors and minor crimes could escalate with greater numbers of arrests made, and this means that the Stockton jail could represent an increased danger to occupants because the majority of long-term residents would be classified as violent or dangerous offenders.

Law enforcement officials have suggested that the initial boost in arrest numbers might taper after people get used to high numbers of police patrolling neighborhoods. There is the expectation by some in law enforcement that the early crowding would be alleviated over time as arrests went down due to new crime prevention programs.

Adding More Space for Incarceration

Local law enforcement officials have acknowledged that the early release of individuals who have been accused of a crime could have a negative impact on the county. One of the suggestions from county officials has been to build additional modular facilities that would increase the population capacity of the Stockton jail. These options would make it fiscally possible to increase the room in the jail and keep the prison population safe.

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