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What is a County Jail?

When a person is arrested, they are detained in a county jail until released by a judge or a bond is posted. In most cases a bond amount will be set based upon a variety of different factors. If the bond is posted, then the incarcerated person is released from the county jail. Failure to post the bond results in the incarcerated person remaining in jail until the case is resolved.

Time spent in county jail removes the incarcerated person from society and prevents them from working, spending time with family, and otherwise being productive. Incarceration can be stressful, uncomfortable, highly inconvenient and embarrassing. By law, one is entitled to release from jail through posting a bond, thereby relieving the person accused of a crime from the detriments of jail.

Amount of Bail

The amount of bail is determined by a judge. Bail amounts vary and can even be in the millions if the circumstances so require. In setting a bond amount, a judge will consider the person’s criminal history, ties to the community, the severity of the crime, a person’s employment, and other factors weighing on a person’s threat to society and risk of not appearing for court. In general, the bond amount will be an amount that the incarcerated person can reasonably gather.

When bond is posted, it is important that the accused person complies with all requirements of the court and attends all court hearings required by the judge. Failure to comply with the requirements of the judge could result in the release being revoked and an additional, higher bond being imposed. Also, if additional crimes are committed while one is released on bond, then the bond amount on the new charges will likely be higher and more restrictive.

Bail Bond Companies

Finding the funds to post a bond can be difficult and burdensome. Many do not have enough cash readily available to post the full amount of bond. Also, for many people, posting the full bond amount in cash can be difficult financially and require you to forego certain necessities. Because of these difficulties, bail bonds companies will work to arrange to post the bond.

Bails bondsmen will work with people to find a way to ensure that the bond is posted. Most bail bondsmen have payment plans and financing options for different income levels and situations. Bail bondsmen are well familiar with the bond process and can help make sense of much of the complicated jargon involved with incarceration. Bail bondsmen understand that the circumstances requiring a bond are stressful and often embarrassing. Because of this they will work to bring you peace of mind and guide you through the process.

If you or a loved one have been incarcerated and you need help posting a bond to secure their release, do not hesitate to contact a bail bondsmen as soon as possible.

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Bail Bond Rates

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