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Black Friday Arrests

Shopping Mall EscalatorBlack Friday events across the United States over the past decade have provided for some interesting instances of Thanksgiving crime. While the day after Thanksgiving has traditionally been a day off from work that many use for Christmas shopping, the retail Big Box stores have turned the day into a marketing bonanza that often gets way out of hand. The fervor of those looking for bargains often creates danger for shoppers who are merely taking advantage of the time off from work. Black Friday safety has clearly become an issue for all typical shoppers, whether they are Christmas shopping or not.


Actual statistics on Black Friday crimes are sketchy at best, but the reports of mini-riots have been numerous each season, often resulting in multiple Black Friday arrests in various locations. Often people do not expect to find themselves in jail for the holidays, so an experienced bail bonds agent can help you in this situation.

Most crowd control problems or Black Friday theft problems have occurred at retail locations offering “can’t resist” deals that entice shoppers to respond violently when they are faced with the possibility of being left out of the purchase line. While Walmart is the retail chain that is normally most associated with unruly criminal behavior, Kohl’s among others have also experienced similar problems. This is especially true in regions that are traditionally high crime areas such as Chicago with stretched police resources.

Because of the focus on the potential of Black Friday theft, and Black Friday crimes in general, Black Friday safety has become a priority for local police all over the nation. It is also a priority for shoppers who want to avoid the lines and opt to shop online. However, this is not always possible in order to get some if the awesome deals available on the Friday following Thanksgiving. Between the police focus and customer desire to get that one special item, Black Friday arrests are very common and seem to increase with each opportunity for ore Thanksgiving crime.

Of course, going to jail is no fun for anyone, and often those arrested in this high focus time period are arrested needlessly when store security is at its peak. All retail stores are very aware of Thanksgiving crime potential in all stores, particular stores in traditionally high crime metropolitan areas. Bailing out of jail can often be more problematic than defending the charge, but the entire chaotic process can be avoided by following some basic Black Friday safety tips.

Physical safety is not the only worry on Black Friday. Remember where you have parked and set a predetermined meetup time and location for everyone. Protecting your financial instruments is also crucial, especially wallets and credit cards. Never carry a wallet in a pocket that is easily accessible, such as an inside coat pocket. Carrying minimal cash is also advisable. Always know your credit card numbers just in case, and make sure your cell phone is on full charge with credit card accounts quickly reachable.

It is also important to keep all purchases in the trunk of your vehicle, even when transporting between stores, and always stay aware of your surroundings. A significant amount of Black Friday theft is reported by individual shoppers, and not the retail stores. Remember that you are vulnerable in locations outside of any store that you may be frequenting. Thanksgiving is the beginning of shoplifting season, but the stores are not the only targets for criminals.

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