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Crime on Vacation

When travelers are visiting a distant location, they must understand the local laws and crime rates.

This information can prevent getting into trouble with law officials, requiring a vacationer to hire a bail bond agent. A bail bond is a financial arrangement with an agency that will represent an arrested individual in a courtroom so that he is released from jail. Bail bond agencies accept assets as collateral or cash to assist a criminal defendant.

Understanding the Local Crime Rates

While someone who is on vacation may not engage in criminal activity, it is essential to understand what types of crimes occur frequently while traveling. Here is a list of crimes to watch out for while on a vacation.

1: Robbery While Walking Along the Street

Travelers are susceptible to robbery by pickpockets who steal wallets from the pockets of their slacks. It is also possible for a thief to grab a handbag using purse-snatching methods. In most cases, a thief steals handbags and wallets quickly without harming a pedestrian, but some robbers use weapons while stealing, or they may attack a sightseer to get cash and credit cards. It is important for a traveler to avoid fighting back when someone is attempting to steal, but travelers can protect themselves by using money belts along with staying in well-lit areas.

2: Illegal Vehicle Towing

When travelers are using their own or a rented vehicle, they must use caution while parking an automobile. Some geographic regions have aggressive vehicle towing companies that will remove an automobile in only a few minutes. A traveler in an unfamiliar region may not understand the local parking regulations, and it is possible to have a vehicle towed from a motel’s parking lot while he is asleep. In many cases, the motel owner is involved in this vehicle towing scam because she receives a percentage of the profit. In some cities, a towed vehicle is sold to a new owner within a few days. Vehicle towing can also occur at bus or train stations in addition to airport parking lots.

3: Identity Theft

While traveling, a vacationer will use a credit card to pay for rental vehicles, airplane tickets and hotel expenses. The process of paying for these expenses will require using a cellphone or computer, and this is how thieves steal someone’s identity. It is possible for a waiter to make a copy of a customer’s credit card in only a few seconds, and by the time that a traveler returns home, her financial information has been sold to someone else. Someone who is traveling may not notice any illegal transactions on their credit card account, and the thieves may max out her credit card limits and hack into her bank accounts.

4: Physical Assaults

When someone is traveling in a strange location, he may not understand the local crime rate for assaults. Physical assaults can include kicking and punching with the hands or with a weapon. Someone who is on a vacation is more likely to experience a sexual assault while sightseeing or while she is in a hotel room. Assaults can occur at anytime of the day or night, and it may involve more than one criminal. A traveler can protect herself from an assault by remaining in populated areas. Vacationing with relatives or friends is safer than traveling alone, but a traveler can also join a tour group for additional safety.

5: Terrorism While Traveling

Today, terrorism is a major threat while someone is traveling within the United States or in other countries. It is imperative to use caution while traveling on airplanes or trains because of the dangers of terrorists. When someone is on a vacation, she must understand her surroundings by looking for additional exits when sitting in a restaurant or while visiting a sightseeing venue. Carrying a cellphone that has emergency contact numbers of the local region is vital in order to call law officials immediately. It is possible to have GPS on cellphones to make it easier for a paramedic or law official to locate a traveler in a strange area.

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