Holiday Crime

Holiday Crime Rate Spikes

The holiday season usually brings thoughts of big meals, family and friends, and even shopping sprees. It is a time to celebrate. Sadly, it is also a time when crime rates increase. Holiday crime is something that you do not think about, but occurs at alarming rates. In fact, the holidays are the busiest time of year for the bail bond industry.

Why Do Crime Rates Spike During The Holidays?

There are several reasons that holiday crime rates increase, with the following reasons being the most common:

• Increased alcohol consumption. Many holiday celebrations include alcohol and people often forget to arrange for an alternate way home. Driving under the influence is the leading cause for New Years Eve arrests, followed closely by celebrations on July fourth.
• Increased emotions. Some people are very unhappy during the holidays. Domestic violence often increases during the holiday season as well as self-inflicted wounds. Consumption of alcohol also increases violent acts that may not be directly associated with domestic violence. Strong emotions can cause people to act erratically.
• Increased theft. The pressure to give gifts for the holidays often causes people to resort to theft. Additionally, theft increases around the holidays in areas where large amounts of people gather for the celebration.

There are other causes of increased holiday crime rates, but each of the events usually comes from one of the three reasons listed above.

New Year’s Eve Celebrations

The New Years crime rate is nearly all alcohol consumption related. New Year celebrations are infamous for consuming alcohol and some people consume too much. When this happens, there are often fights, disorderly conduct, lewd behavior issues, and disturbing the peace problems. A majority of New Years Eve arrests, however, are related to driving under the influence (DUI.) law enforcement around the country know that this is the largest night in the year for alcohol consumption, ad checkpoints are set up everywhere to detain drunk drivers. The New Years crime rate is affected significantly by alcohol consumption.

What Holidays Have The Most Crime And Are The Crimes Different?

Every holiday is different, and each holiday has a crime statistics related to them. Alcohol-related crimes are generally associated with New Year’s Eve, Fourth of July, Memorial Day and Labor Day. Domestic violence issues are associated with Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Valentine’s Day. Theft is associated with Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Other violence-related issues are common on the holidays associated with alcohol consumption.

These crimes are very serious because they impact everyone. Alcohol abuse, theft, and even domestic violence hurt more than the immediate people involved. It is one of the reasons that so much effort is made to help people during the holiday season.

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