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Holiday DUI Checkpoints

DUI check point signDUI Checkpoints are police stops that are set up on a roadway to check for intoxicated drivers. During major holidays, authorities often increase the amount of DUI checkpoints on the road. How can you find DUI checkpoints, and avoid an encounter with the police?

Holiday Festivities

First and foremost, let it be noted that one should never operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Knowing which holidays tend to produce a larger amount of DUI checkpoints may help you make a better decision regarding your transportation after a party. It probably comes as no surprise that New Years Eve and DUIs have an unfortunately high correlative relationship. Many people who are arrested for DUI look to a bail bonds company for help in getting out of jail until their hearing. Clambering for the phone in jail to secure a bond is no way to spend the holiday, so plan accordingly for a safe ride home.

DUI Process

There’s nothing wrong with celebrating a special occasion with a drink or two. The issue arises when drivers decide to take a chance on driving home after these celebratory libations. New Years Eve DUIs certainly aren’t how people want to ring in a new year. If you do find yourself in the position of being arrested for DUI, you will be held in jail until an arraignment and a bond amount is set. At that point, your local bail bond officer can help you secure the funds to get out of jail. Also, your bond officer can offer some basic assistance in dealing with your DUI charge. He or she may be able to refer you to a reputable DUI attorney, assist you with keeping track of your court dates, as well as help you navigate the DUI bond system itself.

Where to find DUI Checkpoint Locations

It’s possible to find DUI checkpoints in your area without having to personally encounter them. Pay attention to your local news broadcasts, and check the newspapers. By law, your local police are required to disclose where the checkpoint is scheduled to take place. There are also websites that are devoted to informing citizens as to the time and location of these roadblocks. You may also consider calling the police station or visiting their website, as some law enforcement divisions will dispense this information to the public.

As for the 2014 holiday season, many people will celebrate Halloween, Christmas and New Year’s Eve with a few drinks. You can count on the fact that these holidays are known for high levels of DUI arrests, and accordingly there will be an increased police presence on the roadways. These 3 holidays account for a large portion of annual DUI arrests, so it’s vital to remember that if you drink and drive you will face serious consequences.


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