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How to Avoid Holiday Theft

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The number of thefts goes up during the Christmas season, and so does the number of arrests. People who are considering committing a crime are urged not to do so because the stakes are especially high for someone charged with theft. Those who do find themselves locked up should consider using the services of a bail bondsman to help them regain their freedom so they can enjoy the holidays with loved ones instead of being behind bars.


The number of thefts increases dramatically right around Christmas, which is why people should take extra steps to protect themselves. These practical tips can be used by anyone to help them avoid becoming a victim.


At the Mall

Flashing large sums of cash or multiple credit cards can easily cause someone to become a victim of theft. Those who feel they must count their cash should do so discreetly, preferably in their car or a restroom stall.

Shoppers should keep packages out of sight as much as possible when at the mall to avoid attracting the attention of others who might then break a window in order to retrieve them. Putting them in the trunk is recommended.

Individuals should also remain aware of their surroundings at all times to recognize when they are being followed. When shopping at a mall, many people return to their car to store their purchases while they visit other stores. Thieves who are lurking wait until after they have left to break into vehicles and steal newly-purchased merchandise. People should avoid this scenario by being aware of their surroundings and leaving the area immediately if they feel they are being watched.

When shopping at night, individuals should also park in a well lit area and lock their doors upon exiting. Upon returning, they should have their keys out, and not be talking on a cell phone or texting. Those who appear distracted are more likely to be mugged or pick pocketed, simply because they are easy targets.

At Home

Boxes from high ticket items should never be left at the curb, as this tells others there is valuable merchandise inside waiting to be stolen. Instead, these boxes should be dropped off at a recycling center.

Never place unwrapped gifts under a Christmas tree if it is in front of an open window, as this could draw unwanted attention. In fact, opening curtains to expose a Christmas tree should be done carefully so as not to show off antiques or other valuable items that would attract a burglar.

Many people travel during the holidays, which leaves their homes unprotected. Placing lights on timers will make it appear as though someone is at home and reduce the odds of a break-in. Those who do plan to travel should not advertise their intentions on social media sites, as many criminals browse them to find potential targets.


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