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Protect Yourself from Holiday Crime

The holidays are a time when people tend to go out more to do shopping, spend time with friends and attend special events. Criminals are aware of this and frequently try to target people more aggressively.

It is critical to be proactive about safety during the season.  If you or a loved one find yourself arrested during the holiday season, call a trusted bail bond company to help arrange for a release from jail.

Don’t become a victim of holiday crime

Always Keep Credit Cards in Sight

Doing holiday shopping usually means using credit cards at many different stores. Unfortunately, some workers will use the holidays to steal credit card information and identities. This is why it is important to always keep credit cards in sight when making a purchase. Do not allow someone to take the credit card into a back room or unseen area.

Be Wary Of Unexpected Deliveries

Gift or product deliveries are very common during the holidays. Some criminals will actually dress up as delivery people complete with boxes to target random homes. The criminals might try to break in or just see what is inside a house. The best policy is to be wary of unexpected deliveries and never allow a delivery person into the house.

Have Designated Drivers at Parties

Holiday parties can be fun. Many people drink alcohol at holiday parties. Always have a designated driver or sober friend at holiday parties. If someone attempts to leave drunk, then that individual could try to drive and might get involved in an accident. That can lead to an arrest where the only way out of jail is through a bail bonds agency. Those agencies allow someone to pay a small percentage of the bail amount to be released from jail until the end of trial. Having someone sober who can drive at a party will eliminate the chance of being arrested for drunk driving during the holidays.

Park in Brightly Lit Areas

The longer hours of darkness during the holiday season puts people at a higher risk of crime when parking in questionable areas. Park the car in brightly lit areas that are near stores or populated areas. This will deter thieves from breaking into the car and stealing personal possessions. It also discourages criminals from approaching the driver when getting in or out of the vehicle.

Stay Aware Of the Surroundings

It is important to stay aware of the surroundings at all times when going out during the holidays. Do not become distracted by cell phones, street performances or friends. Keep an eye on everything that is going on in the immediate area. This will make it possible to quickly detect and avoid potential threats. It also reduces the chance of being injured by a drunk driver or careless shopper.

Avoid Carrying Large Amounts of Cash

A final piece of advice is to avoid carrying large amounts of cash. Criminals will be looking for people who are carrying large sums of cash to make holiday purchases. Try to stick with credit or debit cards. If carrying cash is necessary, then do so inconspicuously and divide the money between different places on the body.

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