Sports Fan Violence Update

Nearly two months ago a Giants fan, Bryan Stow, who was wearing a Giants jersey, was violently attacked and nearly beaten to death at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, CA. On Thursday, May 19th Stow finally opened his eyes, but still remains in critical condition.

Doctor’s report that they are uncertain about Stow’s long-term recovery, but are being aggressive in his treatment. It will take weeks before they have a better understanding of the level of brain damage that has been caused.

Los Angeles Police Department is taking full action to bring justice to Stow and his family. They currently have 17 detectives working the case in addition to billboards with sketches of the assailants throughout the city. And on May 18th at the San Francisco Giants VS Los Angels Dodgers game at Dodger Stadium, the police department handed out flyers with composite drawings of the suspects in the beating to fans before the game. The current total reward for the suspects is more than $200,000.

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