Stow Beating Case Transfers from LAPD to Elite Unit

The Los Angeles Police Department has transferred the Bryan Stow Dodger Stadium beating investigation from their division detectives to their elite Robert Homicide Division (RHD), who handles more high-profile cases.

Giovanni Ramierz was arrested as a suspect in the case over two weeks ago; he has yet to be charged with connection to the beating. Prosecutors are in need of more evidence before charging Ramirez. Ramirez even under went a polygraph test, but those results have not been released.

The LAPD released a statement in regards to why the case was turned over which stated, “as the demands of the case become more complex and prolonged, RHD detectives will be better equipped to conduct the investigation.” In addition they stated it was “not unusual for RHD to take over investigative responsibilities of high-profile, prolonged and complex cases.”

Bryan Stow remains in a San Francisco hospital with brain damage.

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