Suspect Arrested in Bryan Stow Case

The Los Angeles Police Department formally arrested a suspect in the Bryan Stow case on Sunday, 5/22, afternoon. LAPD raided and initially arrested the suspect, Giovanni Ramirez, 31, at an apartment in East Hollywood. They spent several hours questioning Ramirez, which eventually led to his formal arrest.

Ramirez was booked on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon. The police are considering the deadly weapon to be his foot, since he is accused of kicking Stow while he was unconscious on the ground. Ramirez is being held on a $1-million bail.

LAPD is hoping this arrest of Ramirez will lead them to the two other suspects involved in the beating of Giant’s fan Stow at Dodger Stadium. The additional suspects include a second attacker and the woman witnesses say drove the men from the stadium. Police also said it appeared there was a 10-year-old boy in the car.

The incident has drawn more scrutiny on the already troubled Dodgers organization, which has struggled to deal with its fan base that gang members dominate police say.

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