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The Most Common Holiday Crimes

They say that it’s the most wonderful time of the year, but it’s also a time when crime tends to rise.

While most people are focusing on buying gifts and attending parties, others are looking for the chance to improve their own position at someone else’s expense. Some thefts are simple crimes of opportunity, but others are carefully planned and executed.

Bail Bond Solution

There are several reasons why an individual may be arrested during the holidays, but most people won’t have to wait in a jail cell for their trial. In general, people who are accused of these crimes will qualify for release on bail. Their friends or family members can take advantage of the bail bonds process so that they can still be home for the holidays while they’re waiting for their court date.

Five Most Common Holiday Crimes

Home Burglary
The holidays come with decorations, gifts, and presents that can have a high resale value. Break-ins will be on the rise during this time as people check for laptops, jewelry, cash, and electronics. Burglaries don’t always involve breaking into a home. Someone walking by on the street may decide to pick up packages that are left on the front porch on the chance that there’s something valuable inside.

Domestic Violence
It’s a sad fact that the holidays come with higher stress levels. People may start drinking more, and drug use tend to rise. Family problems that are already present tend to be exacerbated by the holiday activity and tension. As a result, police departments will respond to more domestic violence calls during this time.

The stores are hectic and people are struggling to buy gifts. People may believe that it’s easier to get away with shoplifting during this time because of the chaos and high activity levels. It’s estimated that one in eleven people will shoplift during this holiday season, but the number could actually be much higher. The items stolen may range from small accessories to larger electronics, and the related charges will depend on the value of the merchandise stolen.

Identity Theft
Thieves are always on the lookout for personal information, and they’ll gather up whatever information they can. As more people use credit cards during the holidays and shop online, it may be easier for these criminals to get the pieces of personal information that they need to steal an identity. Consumers are urged to be more vigilant about their personal data during this time of year.

Drunk Driving
The courts are cracking down on drunk driving by passing tighter guidelines and stiffer penalties. As the holiday parties get into full swing, people face more temptation to drink while in social settings. With impaired judgment, they decide to drive home and put other people on the road at risk. Every year, the number of drunk driving accidents rises during the holiday period, and the arrests for drunk driving will also increase.

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