El Cajon Police Station

New Chief Of Police

El Cajon elected the city’s next police chief.

His name is Jeff Davis. He will take over from retiring Chief Jim Redman. December 5 is the chief’s first day. Davis who is 53 years old began his livelihood as a police officer in 1986 in El Cajon.

Jeff Davis

His promotion to sergeant came in 1999. His next promotion to lieutenant proceeded in 2006. His promotion to captain occurred in 2011. Davis was chosen by El Cajon City Manager Doug Williford to take over as chief. His starting salary will be $169,790

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Davis has served in many capacities on the El Cajon police force. He served as the overseer for the safety programs of 23 traffic schools in the Traffic Division. He has also served, as a training officer supervisor for police recruits at the Regional Police Academy in San Diego. He was also a manager of El Cajon’s Crime Analysis Division and the crime lab.

Retired Chief of Police Jim Redman says that Davis is an excellent choice. He has been an outstanding captain and he is extremely well qualified.

Jeff Davis is the third successive police chief to graduate from El Capitan High. Chief Redman and his antecedent, Pat Sprecco both graduated from Lakeside High School. Davis attended San Diego Christian College and received a bachelor’s degree in business management. He is presently studying homeland security and global studies in a pursuit of a master’s degree.

Davis responded as a SWAT team member to a deadly shooting at a high school in Santee that left five people wounded at an El Cajon high school. El Cajon’s city manager says that from his time on the city’s SWAT Team to his leadership role in El Cajon’s diverse cultural community, Davis has exhibited all of the characteristics that will make him successful as the city’s next police chief. He says that Jeff has developed the support of his officers, city staff, the City Council and the community at large. He further says that this will be a seamless transition.

He has also matched the completion of a Department of Justice grant to help stop street level drug dealers in El Cajon. He has worked diligently in the Crimes against Children Unit.

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