tips for not getting arrested

Tips to Not Get Arrested

As a former police officer and FBI operative, Dale Carson knows a thing or two about getting in and out of legal trouble. He is currently a defense attorney in Jacksonville, Florida and shares tips on how to avoid the police and minimize the chance of arrest in his book, Arrest-Proof Yourself. According to Carson, today’s penal system is all about maximizing revenue, but with a few strategic tips you can avoid becoming just another statistic.

One of the Crowd

Today’s cops are in a numbers game, competing with each other to see who can make the most arrests. As such, they are increasingly antagonistic while on the beat. The first of Carson’s tips is the most obvious, “If police can’t see you, they can’t arrest you.” Stay off the police radar by staying at home when participating in illegal activities. If out on the town, one should try to blend in with the crowd and avoid dressing in loud or unique attire. Sporting drug symbols or beer logos on personal clothing items is a no-no. It’s a police bull’s-eye. One’s choice of transportation is also important in avoiding arrest. Driving a fancy sports car or souped-up low rider makes one visually stand out from the rest of the ho-hum traffic. A boring sedan blends in with traffic.

If someone has to undergo a police interrogation, he should remain respectful and calm. Allowing the cop to win “psychological dominance” over his person-of-interest, Carson advises, is the trade-off in order to retain “custody of your body.” Cops will try to incite the detained. No matter what, one shouldn’t lose his cool. Carson also notes, “Cops don’t like smiles.” Eye contact is good. Smiling is bad.

When all else fails, let the waterworks begin. One should cry, beg, and plead for the officer to issue a notice to appear in court rather than an official arrest. Play on the cop’s sympathies. Discuss the negative impact an arrest could have on one’s job or family. Don’t let pride get in the way of a good and effective grovel. When all else fails, Carson says the ultimate trump card is to void one’s bowels or vomit. The police officer just might forgo an arrest to avoid a stinky mess in his/her cop car.

Go Against Your Natural Instincts

One’s speeding along and sees a cop car. The first inclination is to slam on the brakes. Don’t. Cops are visual creatures. They are looking for the slightest change in a pattern of behavior. Whatever someone is up to when the cops walk in, they should keep right on doing it without missing a beat. Pausing or moving away will capture cops’ attention. They will notice the change and make a bee-line in that direction.
Carson’s last super important advice – say no to any and all car searches. One should be polite when refusing, but refuse nonetheless.

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