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What You Should Know About Interpol

The largest international police organization is Interpol. It facilitates cooperation from over 189 member countries in an effort to fight crime around the world.

This organization is known for making all of the latest crime-fighting technology available to its members. Interpol provides its members with everything from vast communication channels to expert investigative support as well as vital investigative data and more. They are designed to help police around the world understand crime trends, conduct valuable operations and provide expert analysis of information.


The International Criminal Police Commission (ICPC) was founded in 1923 in Vienna, Austria. This organization was the forerunner of today’s Interpol. In the beginning, there were 15 founding member nations. This included Austria, China, Egypt, Italy, Hungary, Romania and others. The United States did not officially become a member of Interpol until 1938. Prior to World War II, the organization was taken over by Nazi Germany. Most member nations withdrew their support. In 1945, the International Criminal Police Organization was once again started and named Interpol. Its headquarters were located in a suburb of Paris. In 1989, Interpol’s headquarters were moved to Lyon, France.


Interpol does not have any agents who are authorized to make arrests. It functions as an international organization providing a network of information and assistance for law enforcement agencies around the world. Its main function is that of an administrative liaison with policing organizations between member nations. It provides database assistance, communications and more. Interpol makes it possible to share valuable forensic information among member nations.


In the United States, if a person is arrested based on information from Interpol, they will go to court for a bail hearing. Even if it is an international criminal, they may be eligible for bail. This is when they will be granted access to the services of a bail bondsman.


The goal of Interpol is to promote cooperation between police on an international basis. The often happens even if member nations do not have diplomatic relations with one another. All of the actions taken by Interpol are within the scope of existing laws within different countries. This is done to respect the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Interpol has a constitution that does not permit it to intervene or take actions based on reasons of religion, politics, military or race.

Interpol Notices

Interpol provides a system of international advisories. These individuals are trained to assist the policing efforts of member nations. They provide member nations with notices that are color-coded. The different colors indicate the reason for a notice being distributed. These notices are distributed at the request of member nations. They are then provided to the law enforcement agencies of member nations. Interpol notices are designed to provide valuable information concerning criminals. They can be published in one of Interpol’s four official languages. They are Spanish, English, French and Arabic. A red notice from Interpol provides information on a person or persons wanted by national jurisdictions. These individuals are facing serious prosecution and a severe sentence based on a country’s arrest warrant. Interpol’s will assist national law enforcement to identify and locate the people who are the subject of a red alert. It is up to each member nation how they hand alerts from Interpol.

Incident Response Team (IRT)

Should an assassination, major terrorist attack or any other intonational incident occur, Interpol will send their Incident Response Team (IRT) to the location. Interpol’s IRT is able to provide a high level of expertise as well as database assistance. This can be used to help identify a suspect, help identify victims as well as provide important information to policing organizations around the world. At the request of local authorities, Interpol can be used as a central command. It will provide logistics support as well as coordination efforts with involved law enforcement agencies.

Interpol Databases

In countries around the world, law enforcement needs to get evidence in order to catch criminals. When valuable evidence is discovered at a crime scene such as a fingerprint, local law enforcement will maintain a record of it. When a person is committing crimes on an international level, other countries may need to know about a particular crime scene fingerprint. It’s possible for a country to search an Interpol database for a fingerprint match. They have a number of databases that include everything from DNA profiles to stolen passports and more.


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