Proposed Device to Reduce Prison Violence

In September 2010, a directed-energy device, AID, was proposed as an effective way to reduce violent fights between prisoners. AID is laserlike in concept, triggering a painful burning sensation in the receiver, without actually causing harm. This device is funded by the Washington D.D.-based National Institute (NIJ), the research, development and evaluation agency for the Department of Justice. Although this project is being reviewed further before the NIJ decides to move forward, this weapon is hypothesized to be a successful solution to stop or lessen the severity of prison fights without hurting prisoners.

How does AID cause pain without injury? These invisible laser-like beams do not actually penetrate skin. Rather, the AID’s ray of energy enters one-sixty-fourth of an inch into the skin, which is just enough to reach pain receptors and not leave a mark. Although the AID’s energy ray causes a hot, burning feeling, it does not actually burn skin or damage nerves, leaving the receiver uninjured.

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