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Does Crime Increase on Black Friday?

Black Friday has gone from rather humble beginnings to one of the largest retail sales day of the fiscal year. Advertisers spend millions of dollars and thousands of hours to develop commercials and product packaging to entice the consumer with, supposedly, the lowest prices of the year. The focus of the advertisements are to trigger the “I gotta have it,” reaction in the average consumer.

Juxtapose these greed inducing advertisements with a limited inventory of discounted items, and you have a powder keg. Every year, videos of the aftermath of Black Friday surface on the internet. Consumers literally stampede into the stores when they open, trampling and severely injuring fellow shoppers, all while attempting to get a television for $100.00. Shoppers actually getting into physical altercations while trying to grab the same discounted good. If you feel that you might be involved in the Black Friday frenzy, you should know the number of a good bail bondsman.

Common Crimes

As such, the crime rate rises on Black Friday. Two of the easiest crimes to accidentally commit while frenziedly shopping for discounts, are assault and battery. Most states define assault as placing another in fear of harmful or offensive touching, while battery is actually touching another in a harmful or offensive manner, without permission.

If in a fit of ad induced shopping fervor, a consumer knocks someone down, then the consumer has committed a battery. If instead, the consumer threatens to knock someone down, and places a reasonable fear into the mind of that person, that this may indeed happen, then the consumer has committed an assault. Assault and battery are criminal offenses, which, in most states, carries a criminal penalty of some prison time and/or a monetary fine.

What Should You Do?

If one happens to commit either an assault or battery this holiday season, remember to obey everything that a law enforcement officer tells you, do not be aggressive, do not scream about one’s civil rights being trampled upon, just calmly go along with the officer. Nothing good ever comes from resisting arrest or being belligerent.

Since the majority of Black Friday takes place early on a Friday morning, one can expect to be brought in front of a judicial officer on the same day. Or, if one commits such an act in a high crime area, then one can expect to be brought in front of a judicial officer on the proceeding Monday.

If the accused does not have an exhaustive criminal record, one may expect to be granted a bond. This bond must be paid to get released from jail. If the bond is set at an amount higher than contained in the accused’s bank account, then a bond company should be contacted. The bond company will evaluate the accused’s flight risk, and, if the risk is low, provide the entirety of the bond to the court, for a non-refundable percentage of the bond’s total price. E.g. $500 fee for a $5,000 bond.

Even if one is innocent of the crime for which they are accused, it is still necessary to show up to court. Otherwise, one’s bondsman may pay an unwanted holiday visit.

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