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Memorial Day Crime

Memorial Day is a holiday that most people feel is relaxing. Criminals see it as a day of opportunity. Many people are off on Memorial Day. Those people frequently go out shopping or attend commemorative ceremonies. That gives criminals many chances to cause problems.

Here are some of the things to watch out for to avoid Memorial Day crime.  If you or a loved one find yourself arrested, be sure have the phone number of a good bail bondsman handy.

Park in Clearly Visibly Areas

A large number of sales occur on Memorial Day. This brings out criminals who target parked cars hoping that there are going to be valuable new items like electronics in the back seat or trunk. The way to avoid this is to park in clearly visible areas. The vehicle should be located in a spot where there is plenty of light and a good amount of foot traffic. This will prevent criminals from spending time trying to break into the vehicle. Additionally, hide any purchases or valuables in the car if they must be left unattended.


Criminals know that some people go out on Memorial Day to do shopping. This means a higher percentage of people might be carrying cash or credit cards. It is important to watch out for pickpockets on Memorial Day. Pickpockets often attempt to walk close to a person reaching into pockets undetected to fish out money, wallets or other items. A way to combat pickpockets is to store cash and credit cards inside clothing or in protected areas where a criminal could not possibly reach. It also helps to avoid walking too close to any strangers.

Watch For Drunk Drivers

A top crime that occurs on Memorial Day is drunk driving. Some individuals choose to spend Memorial Day drinking. Those people can become incredibly dangerous once behind the wheel of a car. It is critical to watch for anyone showing the signs of drunk driving on the roads. This includes vehicles that are swerving randomly, not staying in the lane or acting in other erratic ways. Stay far away from those vehicles or call the police to report a problem. Do not even attempt to cross the street if an oncoming driver appears to be drunk.

Intoxicated and Aggressive People

Another common Memorial Day crime is assault or disorderly conduct. Some people who are intoxicated might become violent or aggressive for no apparent reason. This can lead to a brawl where people are injured. Innocent parties could even be arrested in the confusion. Anyone who is arrested on Memorial Day will need to call a bail bond agency. A bail bond agency can pay the bail ordered by a court to have someone released from jail. The defendant in the case needs to pay the agency a small amount of the total bail for the service. Everything is settled at that point as long as the defendant makes every subsequent court date on time and without problems. Otherwise, the person might be sent back to jail and be liable for the full bond amount.

Secure the Home

Burglars tend to target unoccupied homes on Memorial Day when people are out shopping or attending special events. This can be countered by securing the home before leaving. All doors and windows should be locked. Alarm systems should be activated. Leave lights in the home on. Remove signs that the house is unoccupied and secure garage doors. If the family will be gone for the entire day, then ask a neighbor to watch the house. Taking a few simple precautions can make a home an unattractive target for criminals. It can also prevent a burglary that will ruin the holiday for everyone.

Never Leave Valuable Unattended or Loose

A final piece of advice is to never leave valuables or purchases unattended or loose while outside. Some people will place shopping bags or other items down the ground while waiting. It is easy to lose track of those bags and other valuables especially when talking with someone on a cell phone. Criminals can quickly walk by and steal those bags long before anyone will notice. The way to avoid this is by always holding on to shopping bags and other valuables. Do not leave anything of value in a position where someone passing by could swipe it up and move away with it.

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