Bond vs. Bail: Is there a Difference?

Crime is up across the country. Crime hits every walk of life. It hits those in the lower economic groups to those that live in penthouses. However, they all have something in common. An arrest leads to jail time. Most people would like to avoid serving even one day in jail. Therefore, they request a bail or bond hearing.

Bond vs. Bail

The average person probably does not understand the difference between bond and bail. Both will gain temporary freedom for the arrested individual. However, there is a very distinct difference. Bail is the amount of money that the individual must pay the court to secure their release until their trial date. The bail amount varies according to the crime. It could be $1,000 or $100.000 and up. The arrested individual pays the full amount to the court, normally, with the help of a bondsman, and gains their release. The money is returned to the individual if they show up for the hearing date. A bond is different. Here is the big difference in bond vs bail. Often, the arrested individual does not have enough money to pay their bail. They contact a bond company. The bail bond company agrees to vouch for their client. The client pays the bond company about ten percent of the bail. For example, the court sets the individual’s bail at $10,000. The client must pay the bond company ten percent or $1,000. The money secures the individual’s release. This is proof that the individual will not flee before the hearing and appear in court. However, the bond fee is not refundable.

The Role of the Bail Bond Company

Bail bond companies like All-Pro Bail Bonds play a very important role in the legal system. The courts set bail for the arrested individual. A large number of those arrested are not able to post bail. They contact a bail bond company to pledge the bail for them. They pay the bail bond company a percentage of the bail. Commonly, the percentage is about ten percent of the bail set by the court.

Personal Bond vs Bail Bond

Personal bond vs bail bond is another distinct issue. It is important to note that a surprisingly large percentage of those arrested for minor crimes are released on a personal bond. The individual is booked and processed through the legal system but does not have to pay bail. However, they are issued a citation with a date to appear in court. Those arrested for a major crime are offered bail bond for their release.

How the Bail Process Works

The individual is arrested for a crime and booked. The paperwork is filed and processed. The individual is placed in a jail cell. A bail hearing is posted within 48 hours. The judge sets the bail for the crime that was committed. The individual might pay the bail with their own money or contact a bond company like All-Pro Bails Bond to post bail. Some individuals arrested for minor crimes are released on Personal Bond.

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Bail Bond Rates

In general, the standard industry rate for bail bonds is 10% of the face amount of bail. For example, if the face amount of bail is $10,000, the fee is $1,000. Read More


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