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Bail Bonds Merced

The All-Pro Bail Bonds branch in Merced is located at 735 W 22nd Street and provides 24/7 bail bond services to inmates detained in Merced. Call (209) 626-8791 or complete the web form to reach a bail agent who is ready to help you. We pride ourselves on giving you the best Merced bail bonds experience possible.

The main Merced Courthouse is located at 627 W 21st St, Merced, CA 95349. Individuals arrested in the Merced area are typically housed at the Merced Jail.

The Bail Bond Process In Merced, California

You may have questions on how long the inmate booking process takes, what documents are required for bail bonds, which factors determine bail amounts; as well as indemnitor responsibilities.  Even when you are already familiar with the entire bail process hiring a bail agent in Merced, California will go far in helping to procure release from jail sooner. Here is what you need to know about the bail release process.

Booking and Custody Release in Merced, CA

Once arrested a detainee will be taken into custody for the booking process. The booking process typically involves the defendant be searched, fingerprinted and photographed.  The defendant’s personal belongings will also be inventoried by the jail.  After the booking process the defendant may be eligible for a bail release.  Depending on jail release times, the bail process usually takes between 1 to 6 hours.

Bail Bond Paperwork

When an individual is arrested and bail is set by the court, the defendant can secure his/her release from custody by posting cash bail directly with the court. If the defendant is unable to secure the full amount of bail, they can contact a bail agency and inquire about purchasing a bail bond. By purchasing a bail bond, the defendant agrees to pay an insurance premium for the use of the bond, during the duration of their criminal case.

A “bail bond” is an insurance contract between the defendant, the bail agency and the court. The defendant agrees to appear in court, or pay the face amount of bail to the bail agency. The bail agency agrees to guarantee the defendant’s appearance in court, or pay the face amount of bail to the court. Once the defendant has made all required appearances, the bail bond is exonerated both the defendant and bail agency are relieved of liability.

Depending on the amount of bail and charges against the defendant, the bail agency may require the defendant to have a co-signor or “indemnitor” guarantee the bail contract. The bail agency may also require the defendant (or co-signor) to deposit collateral (cash, real estate, etc.) for the duration of the criminal case. At the conclusion of the defendant’s hearings, the bail agency will return all collateral to the depositor.


Warrant Bonds

In most instances, All-Pro Bail Bonds can schedule a time to meet at the appropriate law enforcement office (jail, sheriff, etc.) in California and post a warrant bail bond without the defendant being booked into custody.  Contact us if you or a loved one are in need of a warrant bond.

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Bail Bonds Merced

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Payments Accepted: Credit Card, Check, Cash, Finance
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