Missed Court?

Did you miss Court on an Active Bond with All-Pro?

What happens now? Notify your All-Pro branch immediately or email claims@allprobailbond.com. Typically, a bench warrant may not be recalled until the defendant appears in court. All-Pro will issue you a "Reassumption of Liability" form to present to the court.

What is a "Reassumption of Liability"? A Reassumption of Liability states an agreeance to reinstate the bond.

Do I have to pay to acquire a "Reassumption of Liability" form? No, All-Pro does not charge a fee for providing the Reassumption of Liability form, however, there may be forfeiture fee upon notice from the court of a bond forfeiture.

Will All-Pro schedule my next court date? No, court scheduling must be performed directly with the court.

How do I get a "Reassumption of Liability"? Please provide the information below, a representative will contact you within 24 hours with more information.